Winter Skin Savers

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Ipsy Glambag ~ July

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Allure Beauty Box ~ Summer Must-Haves

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My Very First BirchBox ~ December

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Blush Mystery Box ~ October

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Blush Mystery Box ~ September


Hi all! So I got a brown box in the mail a few days ago containing that usual black drawstring bag and all of the items in my Blush Mystery Box (which, in my opinion, they should call it mystery bag). I popped it open and decided to check out the info card and see all the details…


The curator this month was Sarah Strand of Pop Beauty, a cosmetics company. Of course that meant the feature product would be a Pop Beauty product, and then she picked 6 others to go along side it.


While I do like this Pop Beauty Pouty Lip Crayon, I actually got the same exact one in my July Ipsy Glambag, and got two similar pink Jelly Pong Pong Lip Blushes in my August GlossyBox. I mean, I’ll definitely use it, however I’m overrun with these products at the moment.

Next to that is a little black tube of Brad Biophotonic Skin Care Ultra Peel. This product is to be applied like a face scrub/mask and used to get rid of dry, dead skin and reveal fresh, new glowing skin. This sample-size tube looks like it will last anywhere from 2-5 applications, and I’m intrigued to test it out…


For any nail polish fanatics, I received this teal lacquer by LVX which is a new company to me, but apparently is high-rated. While I wish I got the burgundy color that is on the info card, I’m sure I’ll test this one out, or pass it onto a friend as it’s a bit bolder than I’m used to.


Next up is Anastasia Clear Brow Gel. If any of you remember, last month in my August Blush Mystery Box, I got an Anastasia Water-Proofing Mascara by this brand, which is supposed to be applied to make non-waterproof mascara stable in wet conditions. This one is to be used to clean up your eyebrows and ‘keep them in place’.

Next to that is Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Dry Shampoo. This sample sized product, like many other dry shampoos, is meant to freshen up day-old hair and soak up any unnecessary oils. It’s great for on the go or weekends away, so I’m sure it’ll get use when I stay at K’s house for a long weekend.


I first heard of Amtactin from Beauty Army, and looked into it to see that it’s a whole line of skin care/lotion products. This one specifically is a clinical-strength foot cream, meant to intensely hydrate rough, dry, and callused feet. This will be much needed after commuting back and forth to the city with boots and heels all week.


Finally, we have this deluxe sampler kit from Racinne Skin Care, which includes Ultimate Youth Power Lotion, Serum, Eye and Neck Creams. This set of 4 anti-aging products are meant to work together to reduce lines and wrinkles, remove uneven spots and refresh skin to look young and lively. Full size, they are pretty pricey, and so although I don’t really use/need anti-aging yet, I may test them out to see their strength.


Here’s the whole set of products from my September Blush Mystery Box (plus a sample)! I’m so-so with this box as I don’t really need anti-aging products or any more lip blushes/crayons, but I know I’ll find use with many of them either personally or for gifting.

Interested in Blush Mystery Box? Sign up here for $25 reoccurring monthly or $35 one-time charge.

xo, Kenzie