Dollar Tea Club


As an avid caffeine fiend (coffee, tea, chocolate, energy drinks, you name it!), I was really excited when I was approached about Dollar Tea Club. I often spend a pretty penny shopping for loose-leaf teas at Teavana and David’s Teas, so the thought of having reasonably-priced tea direct-mailed to me sounded too good to be true.


I received my first Dollar Tea Club this month, packed with 3 full-size teas, 3 surprise sample teas, plus some tea-brewing extras, which runs at $24 per month. You get to choose how many full-size teas you want between either 1 to  4 per month (pricing between $12-28 per month) and can switch it up as long as you do it before automatic billing.


In your first order, you receive all the essentials needed to brew your own tea. This includes the DTC measuring spoon, metal ball infuser and 5 tea filters. I like that they give you both options of the ball infuser and the tea filters. While you only receive these items in your first box, you do receive additional tea filters each month to continue brewing with ease.

You get to choose the flavors of the full-size 50g pouches which is the best part, so you’re not surprised with ones you don’t really like. There’s a ton of options, with more being added/switched each month, from green teas to black teas to herbal and rooibos, all in a variety of flavors from fruity to minty to sweet dessert flavors. For my first order, I originally only ordered 2 flavors, Almond Biscotti and Apple Pie, but was happy to see Cactus Fig chosen for me as well.


As mentioned, Almond Biscotti was definitely my favorite of all the teas. This high caffeine tea is comprised of black tea, caramel pieces, cocoa shells and white cornflower petals.


My second favorite was Apple Pie, a caffeine-tree fruit and herbal tea containing apple pieces, sultana raisins, cinnamon and red cornflower petals.

The final full-size tea was Cactus Fig, which was chosen for me (I thought I was getting 2 bags but received 3), and is a low-caffeine, mild green tea flavored with fig pieces, aloe vera pieces, sandalwood, and orange flower petals. Personally, this one was a little too weak for my preference, however, it is a nice option if you’re looking for a green tea that doesn’t have a harsh aftertaste.


While I love being able to choose my own flavors for the full-size teas, I really liked the surprise element of the 3 “Sample of the Month” teas. This month included 3 unique, very different teas including Campfire S’mores, Blueberry Blast and Earl Grey. Campfire S’mores was a nice high-caffeine tea, perfect for when you’re craving chocolate or an afternoon snack. Blueberry Blast is a caffeine-free rooibos fruity tea that won me over just by the smell, and then again after tasting, The Earl Grey tea is a good classic tea, but a little too traditional for my taste.


Out of the full-size teas I chose, I LOVED the Almond Biscotti and the Apple Pie. I purposely chose the caffeine-packed Almond Biscotti for when I need an energy boost and want that sweet flavor, and the caffeine-free Apple Pie to enjoy in the evening when I’m winding down for bed.

Out of the samples, I really enjoyed the Campfire S’mores and Blueberry Blast and definitely would consider ordering them in full-size in the future.

In future orders, I could definitely see myself repurchasing the above-mentioned flavors, or branching out and trying Ease ‘N Fit, Strawberry Shortcake, Sunny Buoy, Tropical Mango and Vanilla Caramel Swirl.


The only thing I would recommend would be adding a caffeine stamp/logo onto the full-size bags (where they show the tea type and brewing temperature and time), because I had to keep looking up the caffeine amounts to ensure I wasn’t consuming the high-caffeine one at 9PM on a weekday.

What do you think about Dollar Tea Club? Click here to sign up now and get your first box delivered this month!


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