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MunchIt ~ July 2013

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As I casually snack on the delicious Banana Split trail mix provided to me by MunchIt, I already know I have found a good-quality company that believes in simplicity and affordability! What is MunchIt? A brand-new subscription box company that sends out weekly snack packs every Wednesday (cute little boxes with real stamps on them!) containing 1 snack that has 2 servings, 1 tea either hot or cold brew, 1 pack of gum and 1 candy.


Best of all, you get to put in your preferences! Hate dried fruit? You can check off all the boxes that are fruit-free. Like Minty tea? You can also opt for one of the many options that they have to offer! For me, I mentioned my adoration for sweets: I prefer mixes with fruit, chocolate and nuts over something really salty or savory like dried veggies or nut-only mixes. Now before you go crazy on me and say “but there’s bananas in it!” (if you know I’m not a fan of bananas…) the one thing I actually can eat and enjoy are banana chips! It’s something about the texture and not-overpowering flavor.


So if you take a closer look, you’ll see this cute carton is called Banana Split and is a mix of dried banana coins, butter toffee almonds and honey roasted peanuts! That sounds like a great combination to me, as it combines the sweet of the toffee, honey and banana with the nutrition and health of almonds and peanuts. After tasting it, it’s funny to say the nuts are sweeter than the bananas. I definitely think the bananas need a splash of something: sugar, salt, cinnamon, I’m not too sure what! But besides that, it is delectable. The nutritional info is on the back of each package, so this one weighs in at 170 calories per serving, which as they say, is just about the equivalent of a little candy bar. I’d definitely choose this mix and tea over a candy bar!


It’s like they read my mind by sending the cold brew tea instead of a normal hot tea. I mentioned that I liked almost all kinds and really have a love for green or fruity teas. This is perfect for a hot summer day so I can brew it in 1-2-3 without waiting around for it to cool down. I’m also already a fan of Twinings, which in my mind is a pretty good brand.


A little pack of Glee sugar-free mint gum also came as promised, perfect pocket-size and kinda reminded me of a pack of matches just by the little box and case. I will definitely keep this in my car or bag as a go-to whenever I need to freshen my breath!


And of course, a candy! This sour apple organic hard candy by Go Naturally is actually a throw-back for me! I recieved 2 different flavors in my first Love With Food package in June and thought it tasted great. I almost wish they tossed 2 of them in!


Finally, I loved this card! They include a cute little business-card sized Thank You card had their contact information and details on one side, and then this cute animated squirrel cartoon on the other. Just a unique little touch!

Has anyone else signed up for MunchIt? It’s only $3.58 per week! WHAT!? Yeah, really! That includes shipping too. The only downside is that they only currently only deliver to Delaware, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Maryland,New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington DC and West Virginia. However, they are working on expanding! And they’re smart enough not to ship chocolate in the middle of a heat wave.

I’m definitely going to give it another round and see the other snack options they have to offer and compare them to other food subscriptions I’ve either been receiving or looking into like Nature Box, Love With Food, Graze, Goodies Co, etc. If you want to give it a try, sign up here. I have my fingers crossed for either: 4th of July or the Red Eye snack blend, with another fruity tea in tow!

xo, Kenzie

*I recieved this complimentary box for reviewing purposes*