Period for Good ~ April


Ever since my favorite Time of the Month box, Juniper, seemed to close, I have been searching for the perfect new one: quality products, yummy snacks and an affordable price tag. That brings me to Period for Good, a fairly newer “time of the month” subscription service, which aims to supply the items you want while giving 25% of funds to a charity of your choice (out of 6 options)!


Here’s the first look at my Period for Good Box! I really love the color and packaging design: the mix of lime green, royal blue, with the gold sticker and blue bird stamp designs.

The boxes are customizable, so you can choose from tampons, pads, or both, and then based on your price range (boxes range from $19 to $29 (inc. shipping)), they include items like pain reliever, chocolate, and extras. PLUS, you can use code dogood for 10% off your first box.


Here’s a closer look… and below is the information card which tells you about the theme for the month: this month being focused on relaxation, rejuvenation and pampering.


My favorite aspect of this box, which separates it from others, is that part of the payment goes toward a charity or foundation in need. I personally chose Best Friends Animal Society for my love of animals and desire to save as many from being abused or put down due to overcrowding. However, there are various other charities including Relay for Life, Ride to Give and more. Below is the information supplied for how I helped Milton Q, my personal animal buddy.


Now, are you ready for the goodies!?


I opened up the box to see everything neatly packed, and couldn’t wait to check each item out. 


First up, we have an InTune relaxing meditation CD. It features a few different relaxing tracks to help you unwind and de-stress.


Next up, is well, what you signed up for… the girly personal products! You are able to input your favorite brands, sizes and preferences when ordering, so I opted for an all-tampon pack.


Now, to deal with any pain are a few Cramp Tabs and a packet of Stash Chai Spice Black Tea. These are definitely helpful and will be used, however I would have liked to see another tea bag or so.


Next, we have the sweets. These are a few little milk chocolate bites, as well as another larger candy to help curb those cravings.


Here we have an Einstein Lip Therapy Cooling Balm, which is an intensive deep moisture balm with a vanilla-mint scent and flavor. It contains cocoa butter and vitamins A and E so it hydrates and protects your lips. I can never have too many lip balms, so this was a plus in my book.


Finally, we have a yummy smelling Massage Candle in a scent called “Love Spell”. You can light the candle and let it burn for the scent/light, however it also has a little spoon that you use to pour the wax onto a body part and massage in like lotion. Definitely my favorite item in the box!


Here’s my entire Period for Good April Box! I really like that each subscriber can get a varied box based on how much they want to spend and what they’re looking for, and that you can choose a charity of your choice and they send you information on the animal (in my case) and how you’re helping. The theme of this box was perfect for me: a bit of pampering, sweets and relief, and I can’t wait to see their future boxes.

What do you think about Period for Good? Sign up here and don’t forget, you can use code dogood for 10% off your first box.


4 thoughts on “Period for Good ~ April

  1. I love that you can choose to donate to a charity, I would have chosen Best Friends Animal Society as well. Thanks for sharing this review, I’m definitely interested in trying this box!

  2. Is it bad that I want to get this box just to sponsor my own little Milton Q?! I’ve been searching for a time of the month box that I think is worth the value, but mostly just for the convenience of always having a package waiting for you (no more running to the grocery surprises!). Awesome review!


    • Thanks Michelle! I love that they included details about the animal I was helping… it really took it to the next level, especially as it’s around the same range of the other “time of the month” boxes,

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