New Box Spotlight: Hamptons Lane + May Preview!

Hamptons Lane is a new subscription box featuring all the items you need to create a snack, meal or fun food-related time with friends. They will include tools, servingware, spices and more for $45 per month. Each month is different – focusing on a different region, food, ingredient or holiday – and you can always skip if you don’t want that month’s box, free of charge. While I was not able to review one of their April Beta boxes, I still wanted to share all this great info with you, AND give you a preview into their May box!
April’s Southwestern Fiesta box was created just in time for Cinco de Mayo with its unique mix of Mexican and Margarita themed items. They included an Information Guide with background on each product, as well as additional tips and tricks.
The items included:

Authentic Lava Rock Molcajete – $29.95  – This kitchen tool is actually made of volcanic rock and is uniquely and individually carved from it’s own block. You may see these at mexican restaurants where they create and serve guacamole in front of you at the table. They’re also helpful for grinding pills and creating powders out of solid ingredients.

La Fogata Fresh Roasted Salsa – $10.00 –  I am a huge salsa fiend and so I am loving the concept of a fresh-roasted flavor. I often like to mix it up and have spicy chili-packed salsas, as well as sweet mango-pineapple or savory black bean salsas.

Salt Traders Margarita Pink Salt Blend – $12.00 – Everyone has been raving about pink salt and I believe it would be perfect to rim a margarita glass with! I actually just purchased some from my local Home Goods so I am all ready for May 5th!

Melissa Guerra Taco Seasoning and Fajita Seasoning – $5.00 each – This is a special custom-made Hamptons Lane taco seasoning and fajita seasoning mix (in a tin and shaker) that that can be added to simple ingredients to give them more flavor.

Norpro Lime Juicer – $8.00 – I have a lemon juicer, where you have to manually turn it into each lemon half, and while it’s easy, it’s definitely messy. That’s where this lime juicer would come in handy!
MargasNow, onto the MAY BOX!

Hamptons Lane May theme happens to be… Coastal Italy!

Yum! This month’s box features products from five towns in coastal Italy with rich culinary traditions, the essence of which is simplicity – using only the best ingredients and preparing them with basic cooking techniques to enhance the natural flavor of the food. To be honest, they got me at the picture and when I heard foccacia and wine!

Blade Wine Aerating Pourer by Menu & $25 Wine Gift Card to Lot18 – This wine aerating pourer introduces 43% more oxygen to wine than conventional decanting pourers, improving the wine’s flavor and prompting Euro Fins to name it the new winner in an independent test of the best decanting pourers in the world.

Award-winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Antichi Uliveti, Sardinia- This award winning oil, extremely fragrant and sweet, will add depth to any dish.  Produced for generations on the Pinna family farm, a limited quantity becomes available each year, making it all the more precious.

Tipo 00 Flour by Antimo Caputo, from Naples– Antimo Caputo is widely regarded as the maker of “the world’s best pizza flour”, which means it is also the world’s best focaccia flour. It is extremely difficult to find outside of pizzerias in the US, but makes all the difference in pizza and focaccia dough.

Colatura di Alici by Nettuno, from Cetara on the Amalfi Coast- Nearly impossible to find at retail in the states, this multidimensional sauce is the key to transforming your dishes into something truly Italian.

IGP Spaghetti Pasta by Pastificio Faella, from Gragnano in Campania- Elevate your Italian meal with perfectly al dente artisan spaghetti from Gragnano, the birthplace of dry pasta making. It’s coveted IGP status gurantees a rough and porous pasta surface that best collects and adheres to your favorite sauces.

Basically, all of these items are meant to be used together to make Hamptons Lane’s recipe for original seared sea scallops with garlic basil colatura pasta and signature foccacia bread. See more details here!

What do you think about Hamptons Lane? Sign up and get the May Box here!


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