The Daily Hunch – a NEW Astrology Subscription Service!

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Interested in what the stars have to say, but feel as though sometimes your horoscopes are generic? The Daily Hunch is a new, unique subscription service, geared toward someone looking for a detailed description of their daily, weekly or monthly astrology readings.

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How does it work? Simply enter in all of your information (no worries, social security not needed!) including your birth date and time, so that your horoscope can be directly targeted to you as an individual, versus just your sign. Then choose if you want to receive your subscription on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, with prices ranging from $4.99 to $12.99 monthly.

They put it best on their website, stating “Your reports will keep you up to speed on all the transits, detours, and inroads that are in the stars for you, ranging from the passing moods to the longer, more enduring influences.” So, to really see what this all was about, I opted to try out the daily subscription!

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The e-mails come straight to your account every morning, perfect if you have a train/subway commute and some time to kill.

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It starts out with “Your Transits” for the day: how the planets alignment will affect your day, your emotions, thoughts and attitude on a short-term basis. This day was heavily focused on getting work done and warding off distractions to be productive and proactive. In terms of emotions, confrontation and directness tend to be the best route.

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Because some transits take their time (weeks and months), you can look at “Long-term transits,” once you’re done skimming the stuff that’s new and exciting. These tend to repeat and show change over a longer period of time.

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If you’re a daily subscriber, you’ll also receive extra information regarding your house transits and upcoming expectations.

While these were just screenshots from one of my daily e-mails, the actual e-mail is very complex and takes time to read through. For someone heavily interested in their daily astrology channels and planet alignments, this would be the perfect subscription service. If you’re interested, but on a lesser basis (financially and emails as often), the weekly or monthly subscription is a great alternative.

Have questions? They’re more than happy to delve into deeper detail on your horoscopes with a simple e-mail to The Daily Hunch.

Want to learn more or sign up? Check out The Daily Hunch here!

xo Kenzie



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