Juniper ~ October


I apologize for the ‘late’ post, but I hope you all still read on and appreciate my adoration for this months Juniper Box! Due to timing, I actually got 2 Juniper boxes this month, as one of the first few days of October containing some September Snacks, and then this one arrived just as October was ending due to my ‘personal schedule’.


As usual, Lynn’s (awesomely hilarious) Letter was included, and I just want to say: feel free to share that Indian Summer with us New Yorkers! It’s been about 35 degrees out with sneaky warm days that try to make you think it’s going to get better. And yes, I too, am a little freaked out by Miley and her tongue at the moment.


The theme was quite clever: Trick of Treat Yo Self! Well, if you thought last month (link here) was chocolate-y, wait til you see these goodies too! Let’s just say, they didn’t last very long…


Here’s the first look! Personal items on the left, and snacks and teas on the right! I really like that the tampons and pads come ‘discreetly’ and that you can choose the variety and sizes you prefer, plus Midol if needed. And best of all, everyone gets the awesome snack bag!


First off, I devoured these NewTree Orange Pearls the instant I got this box… They were little round, sweet, orange-flavored gummy-like candies, coated in dark chocolate. They were surprisingly low calorie and the pack was the perfect single-serve snack size.

Next to that are Milk Amella Caramels, which are simply delicious creamy caramels coated in milk chocolate, with a sprinkling of salt on top. All the flavors balance each other out well, I just wish it was dark chocolate!


I’m always intrigued by the array and variety of teas that are included. First off, I LOVE Mighty Tea. It has to be one of my favorite brands due to the packaging (the actual tea bags are made with high-quality material and don’t let bits and pieces come out) and of course, the flavors. This month included Ginger Twist, Chamomile Citrus and Organic African Nectar. I had the Ginger Twist last night and it was delicious! And I really like that Lynn puts in a honey stick for each with flavors that would go well with the teas.


I thought last month’s box was Chocolatemania, but Lynn matched it with the variety of chocolates included in this October Box. She not only included those chocolate-orange pearls and chocolate-coated caramels, but also ALL THESE CHOCOLATE BARS!

There are 4 Mini TCHO Dark Chocolate Bars in a variety of flavors like ‘Nutty Dark Rich Chocolate” and “Sweet Dark Chocolate with Light Notes,” so you can match whatever taste or mood you’re in. And, for the milk chocolate lovers, there is a Book Lovers Chocolate Milk Chocolate Bar.


And to wrap it all up, here’s a view of my entire October Juniper Box! I was impressed with not only the fact that she followed my schedule and sent me 2 boxes to accurately fit my ‘monthly schedule,’ but also the variety of snacks included in this box! Props to Lynn and Juniper Box for another great month! With some boxes/companies, I find snacks I love and snacks I could live without, but I have to admit ,I’m equally happy and enjoyed all of these. Plus it’s chocolate… who hates chocolate!?

Interested in signing up? Click here to subscribe for Juniper Box at the monthly rate of $28!

xo, Kenzie

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