Juniper ~ September


So, my Juniper September Subscription Box arrived a day ago, and I only have two words to explain it: Chocolate Heaven. As many of you know, Lynn includes a cute note card with her box each month, and so this month I’ve decided to write a note back to her…


Dear Lynn,

It’s been a roller coaster of a month with some exciting news: I have a new job starting soon and get to celebrate K’s birthday this weekend, and some not so exciting: like having to tell my current boss about said new job (you can bet how well that went), and so, I was ecstatic to see my Juniper Box on my porch the other day.

My Feedback: I will send you my first-born child in exchange for more of these Double Chocolate Cookies, Toffee Bars and other snacks included in the September box…

I could say I’m joking, but I’m really not.

Love, Mackenzie


To be perfectly honest, this may be my favorite month of snacks and pampering. While I love salty snacks like nuts and chips, and often reach for caramels or gummies, there is just something about chocolate that makes your heart melt (well, or your chocolate if it’s summertime).

The box arrived as usual with beautiful packaging- tissue paper, scraggly stuffing papers, that pretty see-through silky bag containing all the snacks. The theme this month was “Say Oui to Chocolate,” which if any of you don’t know, means Say YES to Chocolate!


So, you want to check everything out? First here’s the necessities; You have all the supplies you need for that time of the month: tampons, midol, pads if needed…


Now, snacks! I have to be honest, I devoured these. Like… in a day.


Toffee Talk is this amazing almond chocolate toffee snack that mixes the luxurious chocolate with smooth toffee that is crunchy and caramel-y as you consume it. It is some seriously good stuff.

The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in the World may be… well the best crunchy cookie out there. In double chocolate cookie, these just tasted delectable and were even better when you dip them in milk. They’re definitely in the category of a crunchy cookie, not so much a chewy or soft one. Fun fact- they have instructions for you to ‘let them breathe for a minute or two’ as you would with a bottle of wine to develop their flavor. Quite interesting.

The Sasso-Bar is a nougat and coffee caramel candy bar all covered in dark chocolate. It combines the best of all worlds- chocolatey, caramel-y, chewy, i think i just gained 10 lbs-y….


Now these are reaalllyy cool. You know how when you buy a Hershey’s bar, they have those indents to break the bar into little rectangles? Imagine having each little rectangle in a different flavor! The top row are New Tree ‘leaves’ in milk chocolates- regular, almond, lavender (how unique!) and caramel. The bottom row is dark chocolate (if you can see the slight color difference in the packaging) and it comes in original dark chocolate, black current, speculoos (like the cookie butter) and ginger. Seriously, we get 8 different flavored bites of chocolate!


Now onto the teas… not only did Lynn stick with her chocolatey-caramel theme, but she even included honey sticks that matched up with the flavors too! Mighty Tea is a great brand, one that I’ve sampled a few times before and love their packaging and flavors. This set came in Earl Grey Decaf, Chocolate Mint Truffle and White Orchard. The honey sticks come in a variety such as a chocolate honey and cinnamon agave. The only thing I wish was included was all 3 flavors listed on the info card, or some sort of ‘tab’ so I could tell which was which.


So here’s the whole set of goodies (tampons not showing) and I have to say it’s phenominal.. perhaps the best yet! I only wish there was a chocolate bubble bath/body wash/lotion so I could smell like chocolate 24/7.

Want to get your first Juniper box for 50% off? Retweet this tweet on Twitter and mention your handle when signing up!

xo, Kenzie

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