Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box


I was really excited for my Memebox Special #39 Cafe Box to arrive! This coffee and dessert-scented bath and body box didn’t have any sneak peeks, so I had no idea what would be coming.


The first item was Vella Fresh Creamy Soap ($13), a whipped creamy hydrating cleanser made with donkey milk, honey, and floral extracts. I was a little confused about the flowery scent when this is supposed to be a cafe (coffee) themed box, however it does serve its purpose as a cleanser.


Next was a product I was SO excited about! This cute little latte jar is Tonymoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream-In Scrub ($13). This gooey-speckled facial and body scrub is supposed to remove skin impurities and open pores, while also smelling like delicious chocolatey-coffee concoction. I absolutely loved the packaging and the scent, I just wish it was a little more of a “scrub”.


Holika Holika Dessert Time Lip Balm ($6) is a totally adorable little yellow and funfetti cupcake lip balm that has a fresh peachy scent. It’s almost too cute to use that I currently have it as a decoration in my room. Like the body wash, I was a little confused as to why it was peach-scented in a Cafe Box, but I still like it and will use it.


Cleomee Anti-Wrinkle Donkey Lotion ($83 – apparently). I guess donkey milk must be really good for the skin, because it seems to be in a lot of Memebox/Korean products! I’m not so sure this is worth $83, but it is a hydrating lotion so it serves its purpose. Still, I’m confused with the flowery bland scent…


Pure Smile Original Mask Sheet ($1) is a Green Tea Sheet Mask to help sooth, cleanse and replenish the skin. I love green tea and tea masks so this one worked for me!


The final item is this super cute Binu Cook Ice Cream Scoop Cacao Body Soap ($3). This soap is shaped and scented like a scoop of chocolate ice cream, enough said!


This Memebox was a hit and a miss at the same time… while it did have a great value of over $100, I’m a little confused about how peach, herb and floral-scented items would be included in a Cafe-scented (coffee-scented) box. I do love the chocolate ice cream scoop soap, cupcake lip balm and tonymoly cafe scrub, but I could do without the donkey milk lotion and body washes… they just seem odd. I still definitely recommend Memebox to others and while it wasn’t as great as my Cacao Cosmetics Box, I’m hoping my upcoming Chocolate Mania one is even better!


Here’s a close-up! Did you get the Cafe Box? What do you think of Memebox? Buy current Memeboxes by clicking here or browse their USA shop!


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