Holiday Apartment Decor

Holiday Apartment Decor
Holiday Apartment Decor by kenziedegen
*Collage is copyright by Stylish in Suburbia


For all of you city girls out there, girls on a budget, or ones who just love home decorating and design without spending a ton of money and completely redesigning your room, I have the perfect holiday decor for you! Since I recently moved to Manhattan into a 2-bedroom apartment, much different than my house, I have had to give up some things that just didn’t make sense based on the amount of space I had.

So, I put together this perfect buying guide for those of you unsure of how to decorate your place without going broke or feeling claustrophobic! While I gained a beautiful, cozy apartment, one of the things I realized, is that I don’t have room for my usual 7-foot Christmas tree! Back at home, we have a full living room with the perfect corner for a big tree to set up, decorate and put presents under. At my new apartment, however, we will have to settle for a smaller 2-3 foot tree, and make up the difference in wall decor, ornaments and other holiday accessories. Like any tree, you have to decorate it with a topper of your choice and some stylish ornaments.. As for area around the tree – you can do some wall decorating with mirrors – that’ll make more visible space and multiply your Christmas spirit, too.

If you can keep a plant alive, you can choose a real mini tree from your local grocery store or tree lot, or if you’re not too sure about that, you can get a poinsettia plant! They’re a beautiful rosy red color and easy to take care of. Or, if you’re really bad at it, they do make fake ones!

Now, let’s talk pillows. It’s so easy to dress up a basic couch and make it feel more like Christmas with a few colorful or cool throw pillows. My favorites are this soft, furry throw pillow, a sparkly snowflake embroidered pillow (Psst, it’s from Target!), as well as this Home Alone and ugly-sweater inspired “Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal” gold and neutral pillow cover!

Now, let’s talk about wall decor. Hang up those stockings and don’t forget the mistletoe! But in addition to that, try a unique wreath like this silver glitter leaf wreath or a more Christmas-colored one like this green, red and white felt ball wreath. They definitely give your room a bit of a pop that doesn’t come from a basic green wreath… Or replace some current picture frames and art with holiday themed prints like this chalkboard-style printable. Having a holiday party or just love to jazz it up? Hang up a cute sign like this Merry Christmas garland across your fireplace or over your TV.

Now, don’t forget the little accents to go on your TV stand, side table or to enjoy while watching your favorite holiday movie (cough, ELF). This (Elf-themed) holiday cheer mug is seriously cute and unique, and perfect for having hot cocoa, apple cider, egg nog or coffee out of. Nothing sets the holiday feeling like a really good scented candle. If you enjoy the smell of fresh Christmas trees, choose an outdoorsy scent. Prefer baked goods? Go for sugar cookies. Me? I really like this candy-cane scented jar candle! If you have the room for it, I also really like this wooden reindeer statue to go near the door, on the mantle or by the tree.

Have any holiday decor and designs you recommend? Feel free to share them in the comments. Otherwise, visit back soon for some Holiday Gift Guides!


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