KlutchClub December Womens Box Spoilers

So, I just noticed that KlutchClub has released some information on their December Boxes! The theme of this month’s box is “Beat Your Bad Habits By Embracing The Better Alternatives”


First we have Celestial Sleepytime Decaf Lemon Jasmine Green Tea, a new spin on the classic formula. Decaffeinated green tea and jasmine add a fragrant, new flavor to the Sleepytime blend of chamomile and lemongrass.


Next are a package of BOPS® (Baked Organic Potato Snack) in Sea Salt, which are chips that are baked, meaning they have 65% less fat than regular potato chips.


There will also be a gift card for Guroo Active (amount unknown). Guroo Active has yoga products with moisture-wicking arm sleeves that help you hold your poses without slipping and sliding.


Here is another gift card, this one for Cory Vines Apparel (amount unknown), high-quality active wear.


These Kickbutt Energy Ballz are supposed to help fight that dreaded mid-afternoon slump. One ball contains the caffeine equivalent to 1/2 cup of coffee, plus protein and vitamins. They had a similar product or two last month (see here)


Core Power is a reduced-calorie protein shake made from lactose-free milk and real honey. This is great for those who need more protein in their diet or who like to work out but have dietary restrictions. I’m not sure what flavor we’re getting, but it looks like Strawberry Banana.

at - logo v1

Aquatowel is an eco-friendly individually wrapped towel, moistened with a solution that is made of 97.4% water. Basically.. like baby wipes in individual packaging. I’ve used them before and they serve their purpose but are nothing fantastic.


This is a gift card for Motion Traxx, which are full audio workouts. Designed to get you fitter, faster, these special “traxx” feature verbal coaching from elite trainers and a special soundtrack designed to pace your movements. I’m actually kinda interested in testing this out!

And more!

To be perfectly honest, I’m a little annoyed with all the gift cards, as they NEVER fulfill the full price, but rather make you spend some money to get a discount. I have a feeling i’ll use the music download gift card, however I’m not sure about Guruu, and the Cory Vines (all price-depending). So far this is a pretty thumbs down box to me, but I’m already signed up for 2 more months, so fingers crossed the extra/surprise items are better! If you enjoy these items, feel free to sign up here or check out past reviews here.

xo, Kenzie

5 thoughts on “KlutchClub December Womens Box Spoilers

  1. Hi Kenzie,
    The Cory Vines gift card is worth $20, with no restrictions/minimum purchase, and the Guroo Sleeves gift card is worth $20. The Motion Traxx gift card is good for one entire album. Hope that clarifies! 🙂

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