KlutchClub ~ Women’s Box December


So, my KlutchClub Box arrived and let’s just say, it was heavy! I knew some of the items that would be included from my earlier spoiler post here, but they always throw in some surprise items as well.


I always like the packaging- the box within a box, that can be re-used for organizing items.


And of course, they include a pretty detailed information pamphlet which explains the theme of the month, this one being “Beat your bad habits by embracing the better alternatives” and list all of the items included and how to use them.


Now, onto the items..


First we have this set of Aquatowels, which are simply portable, disposable wipes. They can serve as napkins after a messy meal, face wipes to remove makeup and various other uses. I’m not overwhelmed by them, but they do have a practical use.


Here we have Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Tea in Decaf Lemon Green Tea. I actually like this recipe, as it’s a simple green tea that serves as a nighttime tea.


Next up is a Stur Flavored Water Enhancer in Orange Mango. I use MIO and Crystal Light flavorings once in a while, and this is a nice, natural one.

Next to that is a KickButt Energy Ballz packet. I’ve tried various energy snacks and drinks and so I’m always open to new ones like this. I wish they threw one or two more in to try as well.


This trio of VitaPerk happen to be vitamin and mineral packets that you add to coffee to enhance the nutrients (and the flavor, for the Vanilla and Mocha ones). It takes a bit for them to dissolve (you need to stir a lot and smush away any clumps) however, I think it’s a cool concept and great for people who try to get by having coffee as their breakfast.


Onto the gift cards.. I’m excited for the Cardio Star Workout Track gift card, however not so much for the Cory Vines or Guroo Active. I like working out, so having the music track will be helpful, but I don’t do yoga so I doubt I’ll be using the Guroo Active card. Additionally, the Cory Vines is only for $10, so I would still have to spend at least $20 to get a tank/tee + shipping.


Here we have samples of Neo-Energy and Neo-Chill, which are two opposite products created by the same brand. The Neo-Energy pills are energy boosters without any taste or calories, and then the Neo-Chill pills are meant to reduce stress, promote relaxation and can be taken to help you sleep.


This Tea of a Kind drink is actually a repeat from an earlier box of mine. It’s a cool drink- you unscrew the top and the flavored powder dissolves into the water to create a ‘fresh’ iced tea drink. The flavor is so-so.

Next to that is a Core Power Strawberry Banana Protein Shake. I’m not a big banana-flavored person (I’d prefer chocolate or vanilla) but I do like that they included a product like this. Also, it’s lactose- free for anyone with dairy issues!


The final items are a packet of BOPS and Snapea Crisps.

BOPS are Baked Organic Potato Chips in Sour Cream and Onion flavor.. and they are delicious! It makes me feel better about eating chips because they’re baked and made of more natural ingredents.

The Snapea Crisps are actually a repeat as well, but I’m totally okay with that. They’re delicious and taste kinda like veggie chips/sticks.


All in all, this was a very full, interesting box. I’m kinda disappointed with all of the gift cards, but do appreciate the new items like BOPS, VitaPerk and Stur. All in all, this isn’t my favorite box, but I don’t hate it.


What did you think about the December KlutchClub Women’s Box?

xo, Kenzie

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