Friday Favorites Roundup ~ December

Dec Faves

I was hoping to post this last Friday, but I just couldn’t get around to finishing my collage in time! And so, here is my December Favorites Roundup! If you’re new to this, the last friday of the month, I post all of my favorite items from the various subscription boxes I subscribe to (check out November’s here!) Sometimes there can be multiple from one box, or I could fall in love with an item from every single box I get.. it all depends on the luck of the draw!

1. This package of Yan-Yan actually came in a MunchPak that I won in a giveaway! This japanese treat is a cookie-like breadstick that you dip into a seperate container of chocolate dipping sauce! It’s so delicious (there are other varieties) and often hard to find in regular supermarkets that I have to pick them up in the city or go to specialty asian shops. (see review here)

2. This cute little Lara & Co Lil’ Lip Crayon came in my first ever BirchBox! This bold red crayon goes on like a lipstick, but stays put (whereas some lipsticks can easily smudge off). I’ve received many lip crayons recently, but this one stood out because of how tiny and portable it is! It could fit not only in my purse, but my pocket. (see review here)

3. These Pact Knit Ankle Socks came in my Wantable Intimates Box and I instantly loved them! They are a beautiful coral-peach color, and matched the soft bra that also came in the box. They’re light and delicate, and definitely worthy of purchasing in other colors as well. (see review here)

4. This Nails Inc. Nail Polish in Victoria came in my GlossyBox! GlossyBox can be hit or miss sometimes, but they got the nail head on with this beautiful burgundy shade of polish.(see review here)

5. These BOPS and Snapea Crisps came in my December KlutchClub Box and they are deee-licious. BOPS are a healthier, baked version of sour cream and onion potato chips, and the snapea crisps are like these salty dehydrated-snappea crisps. (see review here)

6. Obviously this DELICIOUSLY AMAZING Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar makes the cut. From my December BuluBox, this high-protein, low sugar/carb-bar is just too good for words. I have an entire box of them. 🙂 (see review here)

7. The final item is this set of Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Chocolates from my UBOX! These were perfect for the December/Winter/Holiday season and were eaten up before anything else. I was even inspired to make my own batch of peppermint bark after I ran out of these. (see review here)

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