Wantable Intimates ~ December


Hi all! So, Wantable had an AWESOME deal earlier this month, and offered 2 for 1 boxes! You could get 2 of any box: Makeup, Accessories or Intimates for the price of 1 ($36), and so I opted for the Intimates Box after hearing and seeing such great items. Why choose Wantable? Yes it’s a little pricier so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to keep up with it for a long time, but personally, I like it because it’s the only real variety intimates box. There are currently a few sock subscription boxes and panty delivery services, but this one offers a more vast variety in terms of options. Plus, they have great customer service and offer returns and exchanges (you’ll see more below!)


They keep you updated via e-mail with when your box is being made, when it’s shipped etc. Then, when it arrives, they include an information card and packing slip with the items included and approximate pricing. Now onto the items!


Here are the four items I received in my first Wantable Intimates Box! I was really excited as I began to unpack my box, and felt the different materials and saw all the different types of items. P.S. I apologize for the lighting, but it makes the items appear lighter than they actually are… the socks/bralet are coral, and the sweatpants are bold red.


Okay, so first, here are the Fleece Straight Leg Sweatpants in Cardinal. Like mentioned above, they’re actually a bold, bright red (just took quick pictures with internal lighting, woops!) and they’re super soft, but are at least 2 sizes too big! I held them up, and tried them on, and even with the drawstring, they were falling down. So, I spoke w/ Customer Service and they gladly let me exchange these for another surprise item (which you’ll find out below!)


These MukLuks Womens Tights have to be the SOFTEST stockings I have ever felt. Seriously, it’s like being surrounded by fleece blankets and furry kittens. I wasn’t too keen on the dark gray at first, but when I tried them on and you were able to see the pattern better, I ended up falling in love with them.


This Coobie Soft Bra in Peach is seriously comfortable! It’s a cute coral-peach color and has lace on the bottom of it and on the straps. It fits kinda like a sports bra, but is perfect for lounging around at home.


These Pact Apricot Pointelle Ankle Socks match perfectly with the above soft bra They’re both from different companies but just about the same color and both soft and comfy. These are cute because they’re just dressier than everyday socks. I’m hoping if I get tall socks in my next box, that they’re a cable-knit neutral color I can wear with my winter boots.

Like I mentioned above, I did return my sweatpants for another surprise item…


This small, cute box arrived with my replacement approximately 2 weeks after my initial box arrived.


Inside was another soft bra called a Boudoir Lace Bra in Currant! This super lacy, sheer plum-colored bralet is SO my style.. especially the color and lace. I wish it was a tad bigger, so I could perhaps wear it under another tank or with a black v-neck to show some lace, as it’s a little risque and showy… so it’s definitely going to be worn at home or hanging with K.


All in all, I was happy with my first Wantable Intimates box (the final outcome) and the exchange service. Since I wasn’t loving my original pair of fleece sweatpants, I was sent a free return label and simply shipped them back in the white Wantable box they came in. What separates Wantable from other subscription companies is that they want you to be happy with your purchase and will let you return the unworn items for either a refund or exchange. Many companies have a ‘well you get what you get’ policy, so this is a nice change.

What do you think of Wantable? Sign up here now to get a January box!

xo, Kenzie

11 thoughts on “Wantable Intimates ~ December

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  2. I love everything in your box! (The exchanged bra is even better than the sweat pants!) I just started subscribing Wantable accessories box. I am eyeing the intimate box. Have to play with my budget a little to figure out a way to start this box though. Thanks for sharing your review! 🙂

    • Thanks Eileen, yeah I was a little skeptical at first I’d end up with granny panties and unwearable stockings, but they surprised me with such great brands and items! If the sweatpants were smaller and possibly another color (like a bold pink or a neutral) I would have liked them because they were super soft. I’ve gotten one makeup box as well and like it, but have wayyy too many beauty boxes to continue it. Also- I wish they had a way where each month you could switch your sub, so you get a variety of accessories, intimates and makeup!

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  5. I did lots of reviews before I used wantables and an item came to small and I was told no exchanges! If I wanted to send back my small item I would get a 2 dollar credit. Bummer 😦

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