Graze ~ December


Oh how I love thee, Graze Box… no, but really, it has to be one of my favorite snack subscriptions! For a mere $6 or less (if you refer friends) per week, few weeks or month, you can get 4 snack-sized portions delivered to your house or office. Since I get so many subscription boxes, I choose to get it once per month to my house, and also get another delivered to K’s house.


Here’s a first look at the entire box!


 I like their “Perfect Portions to the Rescue” information card, as everyone is winding down from the huge, filling, unhealthy holiday portions and getting back on track.

So now, to break it down…


We have Cherry Fudge Sundae, a yummy dessert-like trail mix made up of chocolate fudge, blanched almonds, dried cherries and cherry-infused raisins.

Below that is Salsa Fresca, a ‘fresh’ tomato salsa with cheesy sombrero chips. It’s a nice little twist on the classic tortilla chips and salsa.


Then we have the amazing Chili-Lime Pistachios! I don’t think you can really ‘screw up’ pistachios, and this flavor enhances it in an unusual, unique and tasty way.

The final mix item happens to be Apple & Cinnamon Flapjacks, which are a lot like chewy bars. I often choose oatmeal in apple-cinnamon flavor, so I know I’ll like these.


Don’t forget that they include the nutritional information as well…


Interested in getting your own Graze Box? Use one of my codes MACKEN3RP or KEVINH1QP to skip the line and get your first and fifth box for FREE! Sign up here.

xo, Kenzie



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