Bestowed ~ December


I was actually excited to see that I was getting the December Bestowed Box, seeing as I just signed up a week ago and then saw it on my doorstep last night. I had seen a few spoilers and decided I finally needed to give in and give Bestowed a try.


Here’s the first look at the box! I have to say- it was a small, but heavy box, filled to the brim with items and the information card right on top.


I opened it up to see the letter from Heather, and a recipe on what to make with the organic chicken broth (one of the included items).


I really like how it’s more of an information ‘booklet’ and they don’t skimp to provide information on all the different items and potential pairings and ideas. Now, onto the items!


First we have Saffron Road Thai Red Curry Simmer Sauce. This is one of my favorite items, for those of you who know me well, know I LOVE all types of Asian foods, especially Thai. Red Curry is one of my favorites, and this will make dinner super fast and easy as all I have to do is stir-fry protein and veggies, pour this pre-made sauce on, let it simmer and serve over rice.


I’m really intrigued to try these I Heart Keenwah Ginger Peanut Quinoa Clusters but I’m not sure what to expect. These cute little bites remind me of a granola bar, and so I’m thinking they might taste good smothered in peanut butter.


I love Potato Stix, but we all know how terrible they are for you and so I’m interested in trying these All Natural Baked Cheddar Fries. This is the perfect size bag if you’re craving an unhealthy snack, or you can split it to have with a friend.


I actually went to the store recently and saw how expensive it is for simple, unsalted, organic chicken stock… it was nuts! So, it was nice to see this Pacific Organic Simply Stock included in the box, along with a recipe suggesting a way to use it. It’s kinda funny though because the style of the box looks like a juice box!


I’m not a big fan of Kind Bars, but I’m going to give this one a chance because it has dark chocolate in it. In general, the kind bars I’ve had in the past are too chewy and hard (like coconut almond, vanilla almond, etc) and just hurt/get stuck in my teeth. This flavor combination is a nice change however, as I do like chili-chocolate mixes.


Finally, we have Simply Organic Mediterranean Herb Greek Yogurt Dip Mix. This sounds delicious to me and is super easy, because all you have to do is combine it with plain greek yogurt!


Here’s the box with everything in it! You can see how large the items are (mostly full or deluxe sized) and the variety of snacks, sauces and sides. I was really happy having this as my first Bestowed box and can only imagine what will be in the next one.

Interested in Bestowed? Sign up here for $19 per month, and use promo code HELLOYUM40 to get your first box for only $10!

xo, Kenzie

2 thoughts on “Bestowed ~ December

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