Graze ~ March

Yum, my Graze Box has arrived! This adorable little brown box arrives every box full of 4 different snacks from dried fruits and nuts to chocolates and pretzels. \\ This month’s items include: Tomato & Basil Pizza – this mix … Continue reading

Graze ~ January

I was so excited to come home and see my brown skinny cardboard Graze Box waiting for me! I order Graze once per month (but there’s an option to do it every week, every other, etc…) and am always excited … Continue reading

Graze ~ December

Oh how I love thee, Graze Box… no, but really, it has to be one of my favorite snack subscriptions! For a mere $6 or less (if you refer friends) per week, few weeks or month, you can get 4 … Continue reading