BuluBox Weight Loss ~ December


So, I forgot to renew after October and so I got skipped in November, but now I have the December BuluBox Weight Loss Box review for all of you!


Here’s the first look at the box! There is a pink envelope on top, which I only wonder what it could be…


BuluBox included an Ooberluxe Gift Card, which is equivalent to 1 month or 5 requests. Ooberluxe js like having a virtual personal assistant, so if you need anything from directions to dinner reservations made to help finding a gift, this is your go-to! I got one in a previous KlutchClub box as well which I still have yet to use, and so I’m excited to try them both out.


Below that envelope was the usual monthly information card, along with some coupons and tips on how to use or re-buy items.


So, first up we have a packet of Barleans Omega Swirl Fish Oil. This mango peach- flavored ‘smoothie taste and texture’ fish oil is a supplement that is supposed to taste good while giving you the nutrients you need (and no fishy burps). It’s definitely better than taking fishy pills in my opinion, however I have a HUGE packet of a similar supplement at home already.

Next to that is a packet of LIV energy burner, which I’ve actually gotten in a previous BuluBox and other boxes (JackedPack I think!) before. This thermogenic metabolism booster is supposed to give you extra energy and help to break down and burn fats and carbs.


Here we have Mestrength, an electrolyte and creatine-enhanced drink to help you ‘Live Elevated’ With 5 electrolytes and no carbs, sugars, calories or stimulants, that you just shake up with a water bottle to fulfill hydration and enhance strength. These two are both orange flavored, and will definitely be tested out post-gym session.


The Quest Bar gods have heard my cries and sent me a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Quest Bar! Now before you think I’m overreacting- They’re phenomenal. No Processed Sugar. Tons of Fiber. Yum… and I just got a Double Chocolate Chunk QB in last month’s JackedPack, and I personally ordered an entire box of these a month or two ago using my Bulu Points (along with Luna and ThinkThin Bars). So, I’m a pretty happy camper with this in my BuluBox.


The final item is this Tapaz 2 Go Kit. This shelf-stable snack consists of a package of lentil crackers and classic hummus dip, and can be carried around anywhere. I actually tried these in my November PijonBox, and while it’s not as fresh as refrigerated, flavored hummus’, it definitely is good for being able to stash in your work desk or under your dorm bed.


Well, here is the entire set (plus my Ooberluxe card). While I wish I got another Omega Swirl to try (I like testing products more than once), I’m pretty happy with the variety and brands included in this month’s BuluBox Weight Loss Box

What do you think of this December BuluBox? Any other Quest bar fanatics out there? If you’re interested in signing up for 50% off any subscription, simply use this link and enter my code BULUGAN782 at checkout!

xo, Kenzie

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