Pijon Box ~ November


My PijonBox has arrived! This cool, college care-package style subscription box ships out each month filled with goodies like snacks, beauty and skincare, and dorm room accessories. Last month had some pretty cool items like caffeinated chocolate bars and Rooted Beauty Invigorating Facial Wipes which made my October Favorites List! Therefore, I was excited to see what this one would include…


As I’ve mentioned before, you can choose whether it’s going to a boy or girl, and one will arrive each month for a fee of $29 per month (cheaper if you sign up for more months at once). Each month has a unique theme and an information card to give a more detailed description. This month was “Thanksgiving on the Go” with healthier snacking options, and tools you need for when you’re traveling.


I enjoy when packages have information cards because they often detail about the companies, where to purchase more and sometimes even offer discount codes.


Here’s the first look into the box! Of course, I made it look ‘nicer’ for the camera, but here you can see all the items from afar and the gigantic brown box they use.


First up, we have Mediterranean Snacks Tapaz 2 Go, a one-serving size portable snack which is comprised of lentil crackers and hummus dip. I really like the concept of this, as it is perfect to bring to school or work, AND it doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I remember in school, I had a box of dry, non-perishable snacks under my bed, and so this item would have been a great addition. Only downside is that in my opinion, there are not enough chips for all the dip!


Next up, we have RevitaPop, the B12 Lollipop which serves as a dietary and energy supplement. It is meant to be consumed when you’re feeling tired or stressed, as it has a ‘shot’ of B12, which is meant to replenish the body and mind, with no B12 side effects of course. I’m not sure if they really work, but they’re definitely a cool concept, great for college kids and in a unique, tasty flavor goji berry.


I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to squeeze-bottle snacks, but I do love smoothies and have recently been intrigued by the rise of chia. Therefore, I’m excited to try these Mamma Chia Squeeze Vitality Snacks in Blackberry Bliss and Apple Cinnamon. Chia seeds have great health and wellness benefits, and so I’ve been trying to incorporate them into my diet and this makes it easy. I’m just really hoping they’re more a smoothie consistency and less like the apple-sauce style squeezies.


These are actually one of the items/sets of items that I’m most excited by. These Light My Fire Sporks are a fork, knife and spoon, all combined into one easy, convenient utensil! They are plastic so I’m not too sure that they’re dishwasher or high-heat safe, but they’re perfect when you don’t want to wash a lot of utensils or need a quick meal.


This pHresh Deodorant in Sugar Mist not only smells delicious but it’s great either for when my current deodorant runs out, or for my gym bag and on-the-go. It’s natural, paraben, aluminum and chemical-free, and has this semi sugary sweet, semi minty scent to it.


While I’m loving the brand, I’m not head over heels by the shade of this Color Club Nail Polish in Poptastic. It’s definitely more for a night out, partying at bars, or jamming to music at a rave/dayglow party, and so I won’t get as much wear out of it, but it sure is fun and bright. I admit, I would love it as a Freshman/Sophomore in college.

Waxelene is an all-natural petroleum jelly alternative, which can be used for a variety of needs like chapped lips, dry skin, rashes, and more, and so I believe this is a very helpful and necessary item. I have a feeling I’ll be going through my tube as it has so many uses!


This is the whole set of my November PijonBox! I am totally loving the theme of it, and believe they did a good job in catering to what students need: easy and non-refrigerated snacks, unique utensils, necessary body care and some fun items too.

Check out last month’s review here, and sign up for your own PijonBox here!

xo, Kenzie

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