Ipsy November Spoilers! UPDATED 11/11*

Hi all! So I just released this sneak-peek that there would be 6 PRODUCTS included in the October Bag, and now I have even more spoilers for you!


NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #1: To kick off “Glam It Up” month in style, every Ipsy Glambag subscriber will be getting a glamorous goodie from this “em”spiring makeup line, Em by Michelle Phan (prices vary). I mentioned some of the possibilities in my previous post here, but it seems that you could get almost any item from her new line!

Screen shot 2013-11-04 at 3.12.52 PM

NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #2: Bombshell Cosmetics Lip Crayon ($14) in the following shades “Trophy Wife,” a glimmering medium-tone pink, OR “Shameless” a deep shimmery pink-plum (hard to tell which one for sure due to lighting) and “Some Beach,” a bright coral-red. I personally have my fingers crossed that the shade I get is Shameless! However… I’d take any of them!


NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #3: Well, Ipsy released a mini video yesterday on Instagram, showing 3 Pixi Blushes/Bronzers, however, this Facebook-released image looks like it could be Two Cosmetics Blush, keeping speculation and suspense at an all-time high. The container looks white going by the Facebook-posted image, however it looks light green on Instagram and has the Pixi Logo. Hmm…


Ipsy Spoiler 4

NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #4: Based on prior bags, my guess is that these items are Nailtini Nail Polishes! The gunmetal silver shade looks like Nailtini Caviar Cocktail, and the rich coppery bronze hue called Cognac, inspired by the cocktail. Pending the lighting that the picture was taken in, pther possible shades include Silver Slipper (a slightly lighter glimmering silver), Champagne (a shimmering bronzy-beige) or Amaretto Fizz (a warm brown-bronze spiked with plum).

There is some speculation and talk that it may be a Pixi Beauty Nail Polish, however I haven’t found two shades that match up close enough to the image above.

Ipsy Spoiler 5

NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #5: This one is a big one! It’s like 5-6 spoilers all in one image. So, my belief is that you will get some of these items (like 2-3), not each one. They include:

HSI Professional Argan Oil- I am a newfound LOVER of oils. I began using them as cleansers (yes, really) and moisturizers on my face and so now I’m branching out to try them on my hair. I would be happy getting this product, which is the little red bottle on the left side of the image. (p.s. future post about the benefit of natural oils coming soon!)

Tresemme Extra Firm Hairspray seems to be the tall black bottle hidden in the back. It looks like a travel-sized aerosol bottle, and while I would use it if I received it, I don’t really want or need it.

KISS Ever EZ Fake Eyelashes 2 Pack Style No. 03. This item, hidden in the back left is great; I’ve actually used this brand of falsies before and LOVE THEM. So, while I don’t wear them day-to-day, I sure wouldn’t mind getting them. They come with an applicator and extra glue which is definitely helpful.

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic Eyeshadow Palette– So I’m not sure if they made a mini-version to distribute to Ipsy, or if this is the full-size palette. If it is full-size, then WOAH! That means it would include 18 colors of baked eyeshadows! WANT.

Hollywood California Glam Glow Mud Mask Mini: I love giving myself facials and masks, and so I would totally use this product. It’s a little on the pricy side so I probably would not be able to use again, but feel free to send it my way Ipsy! Give me glowing skin!!

Cailyn Built-in Sponge Mineral Eyeshadow is that funny-looking black and pink bottle. It took a lot of searching to figure it out! I’m intrigued as I’ve never used one in that style before. Pending the color, I may be interested to try it out…

NEW SPOILERS AS OF 11/8-11/11:

ipsy eye pencil

NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #6: Oooh lala eyeliner! Many of you know my favorite products to get are mascara, eyeliner pencils and liquid eyeliner. One possible item in this months box is a Starlooks Gem Pencil in Amethyst and Topaz. If I get this, I really hope I get the Topaz one.

ipsy glam bag nov

NOVEMBER SNEAK PEEK #7: Finally, the Glam Bag! This silver, textured bag will contain all of the goodies this month.


I just visited my Ipsy Glamroom and found out these are my items:

Screen shot 2013-11-11 at 9.36.15 AM

I’m excited for the mascara, bronzer, lip crayon and argan oil! The eyeliner will depend on the color, and I will most likely gift the Nailtini as I just have wayyy too much nail polish. If anyone got an EM Lip Plush Pot or a Glam Glow Mask and is interested in trading, let me know!

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xo, Kenzie

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