Weekend Wishes!

As the weekend is slowly approaching (should I say, crawling as slow as a turtle…), it got me day dreaming about this upcoming weekend: what I’m looking forward to, what I want to accomplish etc. So, I thought I would share them with you!


1. Sleep. This may seem quite vague and boring, but when you go from a college party girl with a couple hours of class for 4 days a week and a craving to hit the bars until 2 am quite often, to working full time, all the time, it takes a while for your body to get used to the time changes, longer days and shorter nights of sleep. Even 1.5 years after being a full-time worker, you’d think I got the hang of it. And then daylight savings time had to come around last weekend and totally throw me off!


2. Comedy Club! About a year ago, I took K out to a delicious sushi dinner and show/drinks at a comedy club nearby for his birthday, and we had such a blast. So, lately, I’ve been getting tickets in the mail to attend comic stand up shows, and often they get pushed to the side. However, it got me thinking of how enjoyable they are, and so I went out of my way to figure out a weekend that worked, and used the passes to get free tickets to a show on Saturday. So, I’ll be going on a double date with some friends and can’t wait to see what the comedians have to make fun of. Oh, and the drinks. Toss some cocktails my way.

Brownboots3. Boot Shopping! I recently ordered two pairs of boots from DSW and was so excited to get them… until… one didn’t fit. They were just awkward, and creased in weird areas and too tight around the top of my calves to fit anything in besides skin and stockings. And so, it’d my quest to exchange these for a pair of beautiful, cognac brown riding boots.


4. Unpacking SUBSCRIPTION BOXES! So, I’ve noticed through the grapevine that some people have been getting boxes which have not yet made their way to my house. So, I have my fingers crossed that today and tomorrow, I get some package deliveries… cough- Blush Mystery Box- cough.

xo, Kenzie

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