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Hey all! So recently, JackedPack placed highly in my Favorite Subscription Box List and let’s just say this box helped to prove why… for those who know me personally or enjoy stalking my Instagram pictures (just kidding on the stalking!) you know that I love to cook. And eat food. And repeat. And so, I found out about these bars called Quest Bars, and my life changed. Then, this month, JackedPack decided to include a Quest Bar… IN A FLAVOR I HAD NOT YET TRIED.. and that sold me on the box. But before I make you all think I’ve gone mad, let’s see the rest of the box:


They always include an information card, which is helpful to explain a bit about the product and for reordering. Plus, they always have a clever quote or inspirational phrase.


First up, we have this massive sample of Mass-Peak. This protein powder is unlike others, as it contains the world’s fastest absorbing proteins.By ingesting this fast-acting protein/amino acid supplement, it causes a rise in amino acid levels, making them available for muscle growth. I’m intrigued to try it, especially because it’s chocolate.. even though my aim is lose more fat than build muscle.


MRI Micellar Casein Z6 in Vanilla is a casein protein powder designed to help preserve your gains and feed extended recovery potential. It’s often taken before bed, as it works slowly, feeding your muscles over 7 hours rather than instant whey protein. It’s different from other caseins, as it has Zinc and Vitamin B6, two nutrients that may enhance the body’s recovery and growth potential.


Here is my beloved Quest Bar in Double Chocolate Chunk! It is a chocolate cookie-brownie combination bar that’s perfect for breakfast, a snack or afternoon pick me up. With 20 grams of protein, just 3 grams of Active Carbs, 17 grams of fiber and only 1 gram of sugar, it is perfection!


Finaflex PX is a thermogenic, that works to engage the body into a state of extreme thermogenesis and lipolysis, attacking fat at its source. It’s supposed to be a multi-tasker, helping to maintain energy levels, support mood and focus, suppress your appetite, burn fat and sustain muscle. I’m glad they included two samples, because you always need to test it a few times to see if it really works. Hope there are no side effects!


ANS Performance DILATE is an advanced nitric oxide plasma and muscle volumizing supplement. It aims to support definition, muscle size, vascularity, strength and endurance. I don’t use nitrix oxide/pump formulas all that often, however they tend to react with my body like a pre-workout: adding energy, pump and motivation. I’m excited to try these capsules and see if they have similar or better results.


Lastly, we have these two samples! Pro Supps Mr. Hyde Pre-Workout Amplifier in Punch is the larger packet It’s loaded with leucine, proprietary stimulant blends and pump agent agmatine sulfate, meaning to enhance your energy, pump and overall workout. I think most of all, I like the names of it (he has a counterpart- Dr. Jeckll Pre-Workout too!)

Next to that is Honey Badger Performance Energy in Lemon-Lime. This sugar, calorie and gluten-free product delivers a superior performance energy with no crash. Whether you use it pre-workout or to get through the day, this sounds like a good, non-artificial option! I actually received a ton of Honey Badger items in my Mean Duffle, so I can’t wait to test them all out and compare.


Here’s the whole set! I think this had to be one of my favorite JackedPacks due to the variety of products and high quality names. I really enjoyed the Quest Bar, trying out a new protein and creatine, and having a variety of pre-workout options. The other day, I tried a pre-workout and it had THE WORST crash ever, and so I’m happy to know I didn’t spend $30+ on a full-size one before trying it.

Interested? Sign up here and you can get your first box for a discounted rate.

xo, Kenzie

4 thoughts on “JackedPack ~ November

  1. Wow–I’m definitely gonna have to check out the QuestBar! Lately my parents have been really big on the high fiber and “digestible” carbs and blah blah blah (or at least that’s what I hear!) but I think they would really like something like Quest. I’m just gonna live vicariously through all of your subscription boxes.
    Also, I’m here to award you with the Versatile Blogger Award! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your boxes with us!

    • Haha thank you on both counts- for reading and for the blogger award! Quest Bars are seriously addictive, but at least you feel so much better having them then indulging on a package of cookies!

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