KlutchClub ~ November


My KlutchClub has arrived! Finally, after what seemed like weeks of sneak previews and e-mail alerts, the funky shoe-box shaped package arrived. I opened it up (and man, was it heavy!) and instantly began to rummage through to find out my ‘mystery items’.


The theme of this months box is “Supercharge your Holiday Season with KlutchClub” which meant that it would be including some energy-packed items, handy helpers and more.


First up, we have an Ooberluxe gift card. This is valid for 1 month or 5 uses, and basically is a ‘virtual personal assistant.’ If you’re trying to purchase a present for someone, one of the tasks can be to find the specific item, within a certain price range, and show you the options to pick from. Or, they can make reservations at a restaurant if you’re just too busy to do so. Eitherway, this sounds kinda cool and I’ll definitely be using it…


Next we have Snapea Crisps, which are baked green pea snacks that are lightly salted. I’ve been expanding my snacking over the past few years from chips and cookies to pita crisps and kale chips, and so I find these intriguing. They’re healthier than the leading fried snacks, and apparently also come in a salted caramel flavor, woah!


I was a tad disappointed with the Boiron Oscillococcinum,  as it’s children’s, but I guess I’ll just have to double the dosage. It’s a homeopathic medicine to take at first sign of headaches, body aches, chills, fever, and fatigue. Basically, a super cold fighter.


So this may be a hit or miss… but I received a $25 + free shipping card for Footzy Folds, which are foldable, portable flats. The ‘fancier’ flats run from $50-100, which I barely would even pay for a real pair of flats. Therefore, I hope this coupon works on the $25 FootRollzUp, or else I won’t be using it.

etniqThen, I thought we were getting an Etniq Cosmetics Finishing Powder, which soaks up oil and keeps your face fresh and matte. But, apparently it’s just a gift card/discount card to be used toward a purchase. Major thumbs down for discount cards (cough NakedWines) because they make you spend a ton of money to save a little.


OMG Deodorizing Spray is a full-size, stink-zapping and deodorizing spray made of essential oils. I’ll be keeping this in my gym bag to ‘air out’ my sneakers and towels. I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it, but if I have it, why not use it?

wpid-20131122_193805.jpgNext, we have Almost Nuts! Soy Nuts, which are simply dry-roasted soybeans. I got lucky and got a package of milk chocolate covered ones, which makes them much more enjoyable. They’ll serve as a great midday snack with some protein and antioxidants.


EAS RTD Energy is an energy drink that apparently improves mental focus & alertness. I wish I had it for work yesterday because at 4PM, I was CRASHING. I can’t wait to test it out and hopefully it’s a jitter-free energy drink.


I also received a product called Energems,  It is an interesting and tasty combo:  chocolate mint candy that’s also an energy supplement. They are made with real milk chocolate, B Vitamins, caffeine, and a proprietary energy blend. Hope they really give you that energy boost you need.


I’m guessing they had some leftover items from last months box, because I got two ‘surprise’ packages of Natural Delights Medjool Dates. Unfortunately, I’m not a huge fan of dates, but I’ll figure out a way to cook with them or find someone who enjoys them.


My other ‘surprise’ item, which I was PUMPED about, was an Honest Tea in Honey Green Tea. These portable iced tea drinks are really good, and I already buy them and take them with my lunch a few times per week. This is a new flavor to me, so that gets it an extra thumbs up. It only there were more…


My final ‘surprise’ item were two Green & Black Organic Dark Chocolate Bars! Score! I can either just eat them, make s’mores, or melt them down and create some awesome snack or dessert with them,

All in all, I thought this was a pretty good box with a couple ‘eh’ items. It was a bit random in terms of the many energy-boosting items and cold fighters and then throwing in a deodorizing spray, but they’re all items I will use. I’m a little disappointed with all the discount cards, and probably won’t be purchasing from Etniq. I only hope that FootzyFolds card works on the cheaper shoe options! KlutchClub: please keep up the awesome snacks and supplements, but get rid of the bad discount cards and the ‘child’ products unless it’s a Mom Box.

Interested in KlutchClub? Sign up here!

xo, Kenzie

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