Beauty Army ~ July 2013


I’ve actually been a subscriber to BeautyArmy for at least 4 months now, however they give you an option to skip a month if you don’t like the options they offer.. which is why you haven’t seen any posts until now.  I purchased a box the first month, but then saw products I either already had, or was not as interested in… until this month!

You create a beauty profile based on your skin color, eye color, hair type, preferences, etc, and then BeautyArmy formulates its ‘best picks’ for you. Luckily, I’ve found a way to play with the system to find the items I want and see others purchasing. You get to choose 6 samples for $12, and there’s often a mix of makeup, skincare, haircare and health products.


I have to say, I love their packaging! There is a cute light pink box (re-usable!) that is all wrapped up within black and white camo shipping box. Then, when you open the pink box up, all of the items are nicely wrapped up in black and pink tissue paper.


Here is there info/thank you card!


And allllll the items in the box! As you can see, there are a few makeup products, a few facial/body products and teas.


Yes To is one of my favorite new brands. Apparently it’s been around for 3 years, but I only started hearing about it and purchasing it this year. It comes in Yes to Carrots, Blueberries, Grapefruit, Cucumbers and Tomatoes, each specified for a certain skin type. When I got my first box, I chose a Yes to Tomatoes Facial Scrub and liked it so I assume I will like this one as well.


I love tea! Whether it’s green, white, fruity, hot or iced! So I chose two in this months box instead of little lotion samples. This one is Immuno-Viva Sunset Tea, which is a nighttime tea to help you relax and boost your immune system.


This Green Tropical Tea from Mighty Leaf looked good and seemed just my style, so I chose it to go with my current health kick for natural energy.


This exfoliating gel by Pida seemed like a good choice. I have never heard of the brand before, but I’m more than willing to check it out and see if I like it.


This was one of the reasons I decided to order the BeautyArmy box this month! This ColorSmash Hair Shadow, yes HAIR shadow, not eyeshadow is a bright chalk meant for your hair so you can put in streaks, color the ends, ombre, etc. I recently purchased a set of chalks from Urban Outfitters, but this is the perfect little travel size.


I played with the ‘picking system’ SO MANY TIMES in order to get an eyeliner and hair chalk combo that I wanted. BeautyArmy offered this gel eyeliner pot by Addiction NV in brown, red, gold, moss green, blue and purple. I wasn’t sure which to go with: the purple, blue or gold, and so I tried so many times to get the turqiouse blue gel pot, but it either was sold out or just not in the cards for me. However, my second choice was the purple, which I am really excited to test out!

So, all in all, I was pretty happy with this months BeautyArmy box. The good thing about BeautyArmy is that if say, you don’t like tea (as I chose) you can pick out a different item like a travel-sized shampoo bottle or a sample of perfume! They give you the option to pick and choose based on your liking. I just hope next month has great choices like these!

xo, Kenzie

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