Kona Kase ~ July 2013


I had been interested and tempted by Kona Kase for quite some time, but I never made the jump in until now… and I wish I had sooner. This box is a little different than others as it combines healthy eating/snacks with workout supplements to create a well-rounded box.


I think the box itself is cute: I really liked the motivational and sports-related words strewn all over it and how Kona Kase stood out in white. The cards inside the box stayed within that same color scheme, one thanking me, one an inspirational quote, and the other a list of included items. I was a little confused at first when I saw May 2013 on the info card, however I did receive this box for reviewing purposes so perhaps I got a box from a previous month.


I really like these unique little touches like the Teddy Roosevelt quote that encourages one to try and aim for success, whether it be in sports, weight loss, overall life goals, etc… Oh, and don’t mind my lack of nail polish at the moment.


So, here it is! Somehow this little box contained all of these items.. many of which have already been consumed. Ooops.


I have to be perfectly honest with you… these things are so weird, but I can’t stop eating them! I opened the Strawberry flavor pack of GU Chomps, and started chewing down on them (think a thick-gummy or jelly) and yet it had a weird hint of chocolate? I checked the ingredients list to see perhaps if it had cocoa or whey, but nope! So I’m convinced it has to do with either the tapioca syrup, coconut oil or blend of nutrients/supplements. I like that they are supposed to give you at least an hour of sustained energy, however I wish the carb count was lower. Hopefully these carbs give me all the energy I need!


I have yet to try these, however the GU Brew Recovery Carb/Protein Drink does sound pretty appealing. In “Chocolate Smoothie” it basically reminds me of my usual protein powder shake, however it is specified for post-workout recovery.

The GU Brew Pure Performance Electrolyte Drink Tab really reminded me of an Airborne tab, haha. Just the initial look of the tab and the packaging, however it’s supposed to work similar to a Gatorade that replenishes your electrolytes and hydrates the body. I’ll be giving it a try with this crazy hot 100 degree weather outside!


These were also quite interesting, especially since I had never tried an energy gel before. The GU Roctane in Blueberry Pomegranate is an ultra endurance energy gel (the more intense version of the regular GU Energy Gel), full of carbs and amino acids to fuel your workout or give you that extra push in the daytime. The GU Energy Gel in Vanilla Bean is the basic version, which still contains ample amounts of caffeine, carbs and other necessary components. On the back of both packs, it mentions GU should be consumed 15 minutes before and then every 45 minutes thereafter (with substantial water and/or electrolyte hydration)… I just hope they taste good and work!


Now, onto the bars! There were quite a few energy/protein/granola bars in this pack which I liked.

The Luna Bar, which is aimed for women as a whole nutrition bar with core vitamins and minerals, came in Blueberry Bliss. While the carb count is high, the calories are average, and so I think this could be a good snacking bar or replacement for breakfast when I have a coffee or protein shake too!

The Kind bar is more of a traditional granola bar, however it is good for those with specific dietary restrictions as it is dairy and gluten free, low sodium and glycemic, and an overall good souce of fiber and nutrients. I’ll give it a try as a snack or afternoon pick-me-up!

I was so pumped when I saw the Oh Yeah! Almond Fudge Brownie…  it’s a sustained energy, high protein BROWNIE with less carbs than the other bars and just about the same amount of calories. I’m sold.


Delicious is all I can say. Even without a special flavor, the PopCorners Sea Salt Popped Corn Chips were so good! I scarfed down a whole bag of them at lunch today. Plus, they’re all natural and gluten free, so why not replace those greasy potato chips with these?

So, what do you all think of this box? They definitely were ALL about GU products this month! I’m pretty jealous of the “July” box that I’ve been seeing surfacing around, so Kona Kase may just be getting my business after all….

xo, Kenzie

*I received this complimentary box for reviewing purposes. All opinions are my own.*

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