JackedPack ~ May

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JackedPack ~ April

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JackedPack ~ January

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Exclusive BuluBox ~ About Time Box!

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BuluBox Weight Loss ~ September

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My Favorite Supplements ~ Thanks to Bodybuilding.com

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JackedPack ~ July 2013


I loved last month’s JackedPack and so I decided to not only continue my subscription, but to upgrade it to a JackedPack “Custom” box (normally $30, but got it half off, woohoo!) which not only includes the original round of samples (plus I think a few more!) but also a deluxe sample with 7-14-servings of an item of your choosing. While you can’t pick the actual brand, product or flavor, you do get to choose the category of your deluxe item: a pre-workout, post-workout, protein, fat burner or ‘mix-it-up’ option to surprise you.


Here’s the entire package dumped out on my table so you can see everything! I liked that for some samples, they either gave you two different products from the same brand, or duplicates of samples so you can test them out more than once. You can also slightly see my deluxe sample in the back-right corner!


They always include a clever info card that has a theme on the front, like this month’s 4th of July “We want YOU to hit the gym” image, along with the details about the different products included. Now.. onto the samples!


I received two VPX Life Lift Cinnamon Buns Ablaze bars, which sound DELICIOUS to me. I like most protein bars that are either chocolate, peanut butter or cookie-flavored, so I’m definitely feeling these. They are sugar-free and packed with 20g of protein, however they also have 20g of carbs and an average calorie count for a protein bar (~200) so they would be ‘inbetween’ a meal and snack for me.


BSN is a well-known workout supplement brand and so I was really happy to see it in this package.

I’ve been interested in trying Syntha-6 Isolate (protein powder) for a while due to not only it’s awesome combination of ingredients, low carb-count and quality, but also it’s flavors! It comes in chocolate cake batter, choc. chip cookie dough and peanut butter chocolate. Serious chocolate overload.

The other BSN product is called Nitrix 2.0, an advanced strength nitric oxide precursor formulas, designed to support pumps, endurance and performance. You can take it prior to working out, as well as afterward, depending on how your body reacts with it.


Cellucor is another well-known brand which I am excited to try out! I got two samples of Cellucor Super HD, a high0def weight-loss supplement that is supposed to help burn fat, tone and increase energy. Only downside is that each pack only contained 1 capsule, whereas I’d like to have at least 2 full days worth.


Beast Sports Nutrition has a product called Creature, which is a creatine complex to help with muscle growth and strength, as well as recovery. I may give it a try or pass it on to Kevin, we’ll see!

Next up is Pump-HD a pre-workout muscle builder by BPI Sports filled with stimulates, amino acids and electrolytes. I


VPX 12-Gauge Shotgun is supposed to “deliver the extreme mental acuity and intense energy required for explosive workouts in the gym and on the field.” It is a pre-workout formula that not only gives you energy, but also is supposed to pump your muscles and increase stimulation and strength. When reading about the product, they make it sound so intense I’m almost scared to try it out!


Now here is my deluxe sample! I asked for a pre-workout, and while I’m sad it’s not MusclePharm or Cellucor (brands I know I love) I am willing to give this new product a try! While trying to do some research on the product, I was a little confused as RSP Nutrition Fast Fuel comes in this black and fire-colored bottle, however it also comes in a white and blue ice-y looking bottle too. I’m not sure if it’s a different type or if they had some re-branding done. Anyway, their claim is “Fast Fuel is supposed to give you the energy you need for your workouts and the complete nutritional profile to endure and maximize every training session or competition. Fast Fuel’s proprietary Energy and Intensity Matrix immediately activates your body’s central nervous system and muscle fibers with a unique blend of pump-intensifying Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate and energy-boosting B-vitamins, L-Tyrosine, Taurine and Caffeine.” Sounds good to me! Let’s get to working out already!


Has anyone else tried JackedPack? If so, let me know what your favorite products were so I can compare them to the ones I’ve recieved so far. I’m really excited to try my deluxe pre-workout, as well as sample the different products from Life Lift Cinnamon Bun bars to the various recovery formulas. I hope next month includes a protein powder sample in a new fun flavor (like birthday cake or peanut butter cookie dough.. mmmm) however I’m very happy with this pack!

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xo, Kenzie