JackedPack ~ January


My January JackedPack has arrived! I kept meaning to post my December one, but a bunch of my pictures originally came out blurry and then I couldn’t separate the samples from other boxes, whoops. So, anyway, I was PUMPED to get this box (get it!?) as I really needed to get back into my gym workouts and training more seriously.


As usual, they include an information card with the products included, along with a motivational quote. This one was “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single deadlift,” .. very clever.

This box was less of a ‘food box’ (containing protein bars and candies) and more strict on pre-workouts, protein powers and recovery/amino formulas. Now, they let you customize your box so you can select if you’re trying build muscle, lose fat, generally tone up or if you’re a newbie to the gym.


First up, we have Speed Stack Pumped N.O. Powder, which is a low-calorie pre-workout formula containing energy and pump proprietary blends, while remaining diet-friendly. I’m actually surprised to see they include 3 samples, which is nice to test out and decide whether it’s for me or not.


First we have 4 Dimension Isolate Matrix, a 100% Protein Isolate supplement which has no sugar, no carbs and no fat! It’s almost shocking. This post-workout recovery supplement is fortified with amino acids and bcaas to help with muscle growth and recovery, and comes in a delicious chocolate flavor.


EVL ENGN Pre-Workout in Blue Razz is a supplement you take before working out (shake with ice water!) to help give you energy, focus and extreme muscle pumps. With Beta Alanine, Caffeine, Nitrates and Creatine, I like how simple the ingredients are to perform well.


I got a double-sample of FinaFlex Stimul8 in Apple Blast, a high-performance supplement to give you the energy to push through a tough workout. I like getting multiple samples, because sometimes I can’t tell if I truly like the product in the first try.


I love Syntha-6 and so I was really happy to see this large sample of BSN Syntha-6 Protein Powder in PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE! I’m so bored of bland flavors like vanilla and banana, and love trying new ones like Cinnamon Bun, Cake Batter, Peanut Butter Cookie Dough, etc.


I’ve actually tried this Beast Nutrition Aminolytes, but not in the Pineapple flavor they provided this time. In the past, I’ve had Pink Lemonade and Fruit Punch, and I’m always looking for new ways to mix up my workout. I prefer to use these mid or post-workout, as to not double up with my pre-workout.


I apologize for the slightly blurry picture, but this final item is D Speed Fast-Melt Vitamin D tablet in Peach flavor. These are helpful for your bones, teeth, immune system and cell health. I probably don’t get enough Vitamin D as I should be, so I’ll give this a try!


Here’s my entire haul! What do you think about this month’s JackedPack? I’m happy with the variety: some protein powders, some pre-workouts, some recovery formulas and aminos. I mean, of course, if they threw in Quest Bars or other awesome protein bars, I would not be opposed… but I like to see the different well-known brands and test out different formulas.

Interested in your own JackedPack? Sign up here and get your first pack for 50% off, regardless of whether you choose the Lightweight, Heavyweight or XXL!

xo, Kenzie

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