JackedPack ~ April


Yes, I’m sorry, I’m still uploading some April boxes… but, they’re worth the wait! So my JackedPack arrived and I was eager to check it out. There are rarely any spoilers for these boxes and they’re often custom-made based on your workout preferences.


As usual, they included an information card with details on the included products..


I was SO excited to see this High Protein Coffee mix in my box! I threw it into my shaker cup with ice, water and milk and shook it well and it tasted kinda like Click Coffee Protein. It was like a mix of an iced coffee, cookies and cream protein powder and coffee protein powder. I don’t think I could replace this for coffee everyday, but it would be a good alternative when I’m on the go or need extra protein.


I was intrigued by these Kratos Beef Bars. I thought the sample size was kindof a letdown, as they were tiny 1-2 bites each, and they blatantly said SAMPLE all over them, so it made me think as though I could get them for free elsewhere. However, the flavor was interesting, as they came in Original and Zesty Pepper. If I was craving a slim jim, I would consider grabbing one of these instead.


Next, we have BarnDads Rise Original Instant Green Coffee, which is a delicious and convenient Super Food with Green Coffee Extract and Probiotics. It’s supposed to help support and boost your metabolism, support digestive and immune health, regulate blood sugar levels, and absorb vitamins and nutrients.

Below that, we have 1MR Vortex Pre-Training Powder which is a pre-workout that is supposed to give you unstoppable energy and endurance, plus increased strength and focus. I’ll add this to my stack of pre-workouts to try out.


Next we have Betancourt Nutrition EX2 Ripped Juice, which is a mood enhancer, energy booster and appetite controller. The main objective is to help you lose fat, and to do so, it reduces your appetite and gives you more stimulation to work out and keep moving.

Genomyx EVOL is an evolved, amplified pre-workout formula and muscle pumper. Like other pre and intra-workout formulas, it gives you energy, focus and endurance for the best gym, sport or workout performance.


Next, we have Beast Nutrition Super Test, which unfortunately is a testosterone product and I won’t be able to use it. I absolutely LOVE the brand, so I was a little let down.


Finally… so I was not very excited to see these… unfortunately these GAT Nitraflex products are also testosterone boosters, and I have no desire to boost my testosterone! I will probably give these to K or a friend, and it made me think of the whole idea of customizing your box.

I contacted Customer Service to let them know /remind them that I am a female and unable to use these two products, along with the Beast Super Test (3 samples total), and simply just wanted them to make a notation or try to avoid sending them in the future. However, they went an extra step and sent me a small package to make up for it. The package included 2 deluxe sample sized Honey Badger Performance Energy pre-workout formulas. I thought that was very considerate of them, especially as these deluxe samples have an estimated 7 servings each, and they sent me two different flavors.


All in all, I was happy with the coffee-related items in my April JackedPack, such as the High Protein Coffee Powder and Instant Green Coffee, and liked seeing the variety of pre-workouts to try out. I was disappointed with all the testosterone products, but like mentioned above, they really made up for it by sending me deluxe pre-workout samples about a week or two later.

What do you think about JackedPack? Sign up for your own here, and you may be able to get your first box for 50% off!


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