BuluBox Weight Loss ~ September


Of course, we have my monthly BuluBox Weight Loss Box! These tend to have a few items I like, and a few that are ‘eh’ or ‘so-so,’ however they’re pretty affordable and I get tons of Bulu Bonus Points which I can use to buy full-size items in their shop. I’m already mapping out my Quest Bar order plan. 


Here’s the first look when I pop it open- an infocard with a few flyers on top help me to see the theme of this month’s box, the items included, and so discount codes/coupons.


Here’s a look at the info card, which shows you all the product samples included, what they’re used for  and how to re-order them if you like them. How onto the products…


First we have BSN Aminox, which is an amino acid complex which helps with protein synthesis, recovery, and endurance. BSN is a pretty popular workout supplement brand, and so far I’ve liked other products of theirs which I have tried, so I think I’ll enjoy this one as well.

Next to that is thirty30 Enliven, an all-natural amino-acid based pre-workout supplement, perfect for a pre-workout boost of energy or to get you through that long day. Enliven is loaded with amino-acids, B vitamins, electrolytes, and caffeine.

I’m surprised they included two amino complexes, however these are products I will definitely use.


Slimming Smoothie is protein shake mix/snack replacement mix made without gluten, sweetened with stevia and that contains just 1 gram of carbohydrates. With only 110-calories, this vanilla bean smoothie/shake helps fight hunger, increase metabolism and keep you feeling slim but full. I’m not a huge vanilla-shake fan, however I’m intrigued to test this one out, especially with its low calorie/carb count.


Erba Vita Propolis Dietary Supplement is a soothing syrup used for supporting a healthy immune system and  healthy respiratory tract. It includes Propolfenol, Vitamin C, Echinacea Purpurea and Meadowsweet to promote upper respiratory health. I really hope this works because I have the most annoying cold and sore throat that seems to lessen for a day or two and then come back. Testing it out later this morning!

Next to that, and the final item is Body Glove Surge, an all-natural, chocolate flavored energy booster that contains green tea, honey and protein powder. I’m a little skeptical about mixing chocolate flavoring with green tea and honey, and not a huge fan of energy or protein ‘gels,’ but I will try this one.


Here’s everything! You can see all 5 samples in terms of serving size, packaging, etc. I would say that this box rated pretty high for me in comparison to some past BuluBoxes, and I will get use out of the majority of the items (give or take the gel..) BuluBox always has great deals and price cuts going on, so as soon as I see a current one I will update you all! Otherwise, you can click here to sign up now.

xo, Kenzie

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