Ipsy Glambag ~ October

My hot pink Ipsy package has finally arrived! I’m not sure if it’s because I live on the East Coast or just the shipping method they use, but I’m always one of the last few to get their Ipsy Glambag … Continue reading

BuluBox Weight Loss ~ September

Of course, we have my monthly BuluBox Weight Loss Box! These tend to have a few items I like, and a few that are ‘eh’ or ‘so-so,’ however they’re pretty affordable and I get tons of Bulu Bonus Points which … Continue reading

Ipsy GlamBag ~ August

So unfortunately, I am on the late-end each month of recieving Ipsy. However, my bag finally arrived at my house this week and I was beyond excited to finally have it! I was able to access my GlamRoom days before … Continue reading