Ipsy GlamBag ~ August


So unfortunately, I am on the late-end each month of recieving Ipsy. However, my bag finally arrived at my house this week and I was beyond excited to finally have it! I was able to access my GlamRoom days before I even got my bag, so I saw what would be included and was already pretty pleased with their selections.


The theme this month was Glamour Academy, which is perfect for those getting ready to go back to school/college, and just a cute unique theme in my own opinion. This bag definitely ranks up in my favorites so far, as I love the bold purple color and the gold print.


As usual, I got an info card that had the brands included in this month, all listed on the back, along with promo codes for future orders. One of the best things about Ipsy besides the price (only $10) is that they include discount codes for upcoming orders in case you really like a product and want to re-order, or just like the company in general. There were a LOT of spoilers this month, so I knew a few items I would be getting but was also surprised with the others…


I recieved a Chella dark brown eyebrow pencil. I really like the brand Chella, as I got an eye-brightening chunky pencil in a previous bag, and so I knew this was a high-quality product. Unfortunately, my hair hasn’t been dark brown since last fall. I updated my GlamRoom ahead of time to make sure everything was updated, and listed “dark blonde” hair (I believe) as my hair option. Regardless, I will either use this as eyeliner, or give it to a friend.


I knew this would be one of the items included this month, but wasn’t sure if everyone would be recieving it. So, you can say I was pretty happy to see the Pixi Lash Booster Mascara in my bag! I love mascara and can never have too much of it. Plus, Pixi is a good brand, and I know I have a few other samples of Pixi products like pore-reducers and eyeliners around my house.


This is another brand I knew would be included, but I was not sure on which product it would be. I had my fingers crossed for the Pumpkin Face Mask, however I was content to see the Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Face Scrub. While I enjoy getting makeup products, I do appreciate getting skincare products as well, and definitely will be using this.


MICA Beauty is another brand I have seen before with Ipsy! I recieved a pink-nude shimmering shade of this same eyeshadow in my May Bag (it should have came in April bag and so they fixed it by sending me it with my next bag). This month’s color was really great- a shimmery bronze, that can go with most skin tones!


Now, onto one of the items that I was most excited about! I had my fingers crossed that I would be getting this Urban Decay Lipstick, and not the chapstick. Although this is a deluxe sample (much smaller than a normal-size lipstick), Urban Decay is such a great brand and I have a TON of their products already. I love hot pink and red lipsticks, so this bold pink is right down my alley…


Here are all the products in my August Ipsy GlamBag! The Urban Decay Lipstick was inside that pamphlet, which included information on the product (just in case you were wondering). I am really happy with this array of products: both makeup and face cleansing products. While I cannot neccesarily use the Chella Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil-or at least for it’s correct use- I will be using all of the other items.

I have never been fully disappointed in Ipsy, but have had some bags that were so-so or loved 2 products and wasn’t fond of the rest, etc… however I have to say I am SO pleased with this month’s bag, and even last month’s as well, regardless of my Coola product explosion. For the price and products included, Ipsy has always been one of my favorite bags and I will continue to stand behind them. 🙂


Interested in signing up for Ipsy? It’s only $10 per month (and slight tax depending on where you live.. my bag ends up at $10.86 per month) and you always get $30+ worth of products.  Ipsy ranks in my favorites along with GlossyBox and Blush Mystery Box, and if you’re worried about the cost, this is definitely the more affordable option.

xo, Kenzie

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