BuluBox Weight Loss ~ August


When I noticed the bright orange box sitting on my doorstep, I knew it was my BuluBox! I recently signed up for a 3-month subscription so I could test it out at an affordable price and I’ve been pretty happy so far. I opted for the BuluBox Weight Loss option (vs. the original box) as I believe it has more fitness-related items, which I always use.


Once i opened up the box, I saw the usual information card, along with some other pamphlets. The information card is helpful because it explains all of the items included, what they’re used for, etc.


Here’s the first look into the box! You can see that it’s pretty tightly/well packed. It’s definitely one of my pet peeves to get a huge box that only has a few, or small items in it, just because it looks dainty and cheap. So, BuluBox gains points on having what looks like a packed-out box (great marketing tool too!)


So, first up we have the Raw Meal Organic Protein Shake Mix and Meal Replacement. Based on your hunger, you can use either half of the package to create a snack-worthy shake, or use the whole package as a meal replacement. Made by Garden of Life, you just mix up the Raw Meal mix (mine was chocolate-flavored!) with water or a milk of your choice. It’s great for those will allergies or dietary needs because it is vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free.


 I’ve received these LIV Fat Burner w/ Crave Control Supplements in my June JackedPack, so I have been able to test them out, but not to the ability I wanted to (as I only got 1 sample). Therefore, I was happy that two sample packs were included in my BuluBox, as it gave me an opportunity to test it out for two full days.


Now, onto some more repeats… Hemp Hearts and Kelapo must be loving subscription box companies and/or trying to get their name out there, because I have received both of these in other boxes.

The Kelapo Coconut Oil is great; I used it to make protein pancakes, as I received a packet of it in my Cloud9 Sample Box this month. In general, I don’t mind getting more of this product as I love coconut oil and butter, and can use it for cooking, as body/cuticle oil and various other uses (I remember seeing a 50-uses guide on google!)

Additionally, I got a packet of Hemp Hearts in my KlutchClub Best-Of-Box this month, which I ALSO used in my pancakes! I blended them up to a powder, along with oats, then mixed with protein powder and the liquid ingredients to create it all. I definitely recommend you to check out Hemp Hearts and Flax Seed as ingredients to put in shakes, add to oatmeal, yogurt, etc for daily nutritional value.


Finally, we have the Celsius Outrageous Orange Drink Mix! I laughed at the name at first, and kept reading on to see exactly what it was all about. Supposedly it burns more calories, gives you energy and reduces fat. With a likeable orange-flavor, I used this as an alternative to crystal light, and shook it up with my water bottle. It definitely tasted good (similar to a powder mix or pre-workout) but I’ll have to test it out again to see about the energy and fat loss.


Here’s everything! I’m really happy with my BuluBox WeightLoss Box this month, even with the duplicates (since they came from other boxes previously, they were not Bulu-dupes). While I do hope next month has some new, unique items that other boxes do not have, I definitely will be using the coconut oil, hemp hearts, and fat burner. Plus, I’m excited to try out the drink mix and raw meal replacement.

There are a lot of deals going on right now with BuluBox so keep an eye out on PlumDistrict or sign up for e-mail updates and you may be able to get a discounted box! Right now, I know you can get 10% off and Free Shipping with code BULUFAV. Or you can get any length subscription for 50% off using code BULUGAN900.

Have a happy, healthy Friday everyone!

xo Kenzie

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