The Hunny Bun!


So I recieved this awesome hot pink package earlier in the week, and I was confused.. it’s too early for my Ipsy Glambag to arrive! And then I saw the label and remembered: I had won a Hunny Bun from an Instagram giveaway!


The Hunny Bun is a company that creates these hair pieces called Hunny Buns ($10 each) that are supposed to help you achieve the perfect bun. I know from experience that getting a flawless ballerina or twisted knot is impossible without pins, hairspray, and a lot of effort. So, I have actually used one of these before from a different brand. They come in different colors and sizes based on your hair color and how big of a bun you want. I personally have a blonde medium-large size and so I was happy to see this alternative color…


This Hunny Bun comes in red, which will be perfect for when I dye my hair back to an auburn brown in the fall. What I like about this brand is that the Hunny Bun feels tighter, like it will have a more firm grip when I roll my hair around it to create the bun. Plus, they have also included a black hair elastic and some pins to keep it in place!

Hopefully I’ll be able to get an image or two up either on here or on Instagram to show you all how it looks!

xo, Kenzie

One thought on “The Hunny Bun!

  1. We LOVE it and know that it will look absolutely fabulous on you Hunny! So glad our RedHot Hottie hit the scene just in time for your fall color swap! Can’t wait to see pix! Thanks for the LOVE! Xo

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