JackedPack ~ May


So, I was a bit confused when my JackedPack arrived this month… did they have an entire box/marketing/product redesign!? Must be, because instead of my usual little black logo-ed box, I received a brown cardboard mailing box.


 Inside of it was this box (above) which included all of the information: the products inside, the promos and coupons, etc instead of their usual information card. I thought it was an eco-friendly alternative, but wasn’t 100% sold on the new design yet… Will it change every month? Or is this a “starter” pack?

Super HD

First up, we have Cellucor Super HD. This weight loss supplement is supposed to increase energy while also boosting your metabolism and controlling your appetite. I believe I’ve received this in a past box, but I’m a big fan of Cellucor so I’ll definitely use it.


Next, we have Troxyphen, which is a supplement for men with lower amounts of testosterone and excess fat. It boosts their testosterone levels, thus helping to burn and reduce body fat.  Unfortunately, I can’t use this.. but I’ll see if K or someone else can.

Next to that is Mr Hyde, a pre-workout amplifier that is seriously intense.. I’ve used it before and it gives you a LOT of energy and pumping boosts, however the come down is a bit rough.


EPIQ™ RIPPED is an ultra-intense thermogenic stimulant.It’s driven by green coffee, raspberry ketones, green tea extract and dandelion root extract to stimulate weight loss and boost training intensity.


BPI Best BCAA is an amino acid workout recovery supplement. This powder is mixed/shaken up with water and consumed to help reduce body fat, increase strength and increase muscle repair for future workouts.


Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy is another amino acid/recovery formula that produces nitric oxide and helps accelerate muscle recovery. I also like that this one packet has two servings so I can test it out more than once.


GNC Anatabloc is an anti-inflammatory support/supplement best known/used for joint support and to reduce chronic inflammation. I don’t really need/use this, but I guess it would be handy in case of injury or joint pain?


Finally, we have SYNTHA-6, which is one of my favorite protein powders – and one in protein supplement reviews too! This premium lean muscle protein powder tastes delicious and is made of quality ingredients… highly recommend this Vanille Ice Cream flavor, yum!


They also threw in a few freebies/offers, such as a FREE Quest Bar if you take the card into a GNC or use the order code when ordering online + an Intro Magazine Order for 3 free months of one of four fitness magazine options. While I would prefer the quest bar just be in the box, I know I’ll definitely use the code/card.


Here’s the entire lot of items in my May JackedPack! Although I was originally confused by the new packaging and can’t use the testosterone item, I can and will definitely use the remainder of these items. I am most excited for the Syntha-6 and Cellucor Super HD! What do you like the best?

Sign up for your own JackedPack here!


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