Friday Favorites Roundup ~ February


So each month I post my favorite products from subscription boxes, and so today I have these great items to share with you from my February boxes! In my opinion, it’s the most delicious snacks, best beauty products and innovative ideas!


In no specific order,

#1. Nature Box Dark Cocoa Almonds, yum! Combines the best of both worlds in this great snack. See my full review of the February Naturebox here!

#2. Glossybox Lauren B Nail Polish in City of Angels. This is a beautiful light pink shade that goes well with just about any skin tone! See my full review of the February Glossybox here!

#3. Co-Ed Supply Head Massager… seriously amazing. You need to hide it from K or he’ll sit home all day and just use it over and over. See my full review of the February Co-Ed Supply box here!

#4. JackedPack – I’ve heard rave reviews about Cellucor C4 Pre-Workout, and have to admit, it’s great! It gives me a ton of energy and pump without a hard crash, and tastes pretty well too. See my full review of the February JackedPack here!

#5. PopSugar MustHave– This Nourish Organic Argan Face Serum just smells so amazing that I have to stop myself from inhaling it and trying to lick it! It’s a sweet apricot scent and so soft and luxurious, I can definitely see myself purchasing it again. Plus my skin feels and looks great. See my full review of the February PopSugar MustHave box here!

#6. Bestowed Bakery on Main Carrot Cake Oatmeal is like combining healthy oatmeal with the delicious flavor of a cinnamon-nutmeg-raisin-carrot cake! I want to learn how to make it myself, but this is handy when you need something quick and yummy for either breakfast or dessert. See my full review of the February Bestowed box here!

#7. Ipsy – POPbeauty Plump Pout Lip Gloss/Color combines the long-lasting color of a lipstick or stain with that of a smooth gloss to create this all-in-one product. Plus, the color is perfect! It’s not too bright, but definitely stands out. See my full review of the February Ipsy Glambag here!

#8. Candy Kid Munch Pack– The final item is a pack of Now & Laters, simply for the fact that I was able to relive my childhood by eating these without breaking my teeth!


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