Naturebox ~ Feb/March


I had such a great experience with my January/February NatureBox (see here), that I couldn’t wait to choose my new snacks and then for them to arrive!


The bags were pretty decent in size: all approximately 4 “snack” servings, or 2 larger servings that would be good for watching a movie or sports game. I always try to go for a variety (i.e. not ALL nut mixes) so I never get bored of my pickings!


First up, we have Fuji Apples, which are simply sliced and dried apples! I love to eat fresh, cold fuji apples (one of my favorite fruits) so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to test these out. They are a bit chewy (better for snacking, not crunchy like ones to add to a salad) and naturally sweet!


This next item is a package of Dark Cocoa Almonds. This combines two of my favorite things–dark chocolate and almonds–into one healthy and delicious snack. I’ve also heard rave reviews about them, and have to admit, they’re delicious!


I am a chex mix fiend, but we all know how it’s made up of all these fake, processed ingredients and coated in salt and fats. So, when I saw this Homestyle Cheddar Mix, I was sold. It combines cheesy kettle kernels, pretzel pops, rice crisps and chia seed crackers to make one crunchy and cheesy snack mix. The only thing I would consider adding to it would be actual chex/krispix-style cereal!


I was torn between buying the Everything Bagel Stix and Honey Mustard Dippin Stix and I’m pretty happy I went with these. I checked out the reviews for both of them, and the Bagel Stix seemed more positive and less salty, so I opted for that one. Plus, they can be dipped into a variety of dips and flavors like cream cheese, greek yogurt dips, peanut butter, etc!


This final item was a bit of a curveball for me. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with a nut mix, dried fruit or another variation, but then I tried Chili Lime Pistachios in a Graze Box and it blew my mind. It was such an odd flavor combination, yet I couldn’t stop eating them. So, when I saw that NatureBox had them to offer too, I went for it! You definitely can’t eat too many of these in one sitting, but they’re a good snack here and there.


All in all, I was really happy with my box and my snack varieties! There was nothing that I hated or wished I had chosen otherwise, and definitely found some new favorites. What do you think about these snacks? PS- You can get your first box for 50% OFF! Sign up for your own NatureBox here!


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