NatureBox ~ April


I looove NatureBox and was sad that this would be my last box in my 3-month shipment, however I like to vary up my boxes every few months. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be coming back to this subscription service soon though!


They’re currently re-branding their products and using new bags, and I thought it was nice that they pointed it out and gave the customer some insight.


First up we have Dried Pears, which are simply enough no-additive, straight-up dried pears! I’ve enjoyed the pineapple rings and apple slices in the past, so I thought these would be a nice change and I was right, delish!


I love cheese-flavored snacks from cheddar chex mix to cheesy popcorn and everything in between, so when I saw these Sourdough Cheddar Pretzels, I knew I had to try them. They were one of the largest packages in my NatureBox and full of flavor and crunch. Would definitely buy again.


I first tasted these a month ago and became instantly hooked and so they were my first selection when choosing snacks for this month. These Dark Cocoa Almonds are delectable, sweet, chocolately and crunchy.. basically the perfect combination when you want something sweet but not feel bad after eating it.


Last month, I got chili-lime pistachios (see here) and they were sooo good and super spicy, so when I saw these Sriracha Roasted Cashews, I knew I ha to get them for K and myself. We both are sriracha addicts and put it on everything from eggs at breakfast to burgers and fries for dinner. These are actually not as spicy as I thought they would be, but rather have a honey-like sweet coating and then a kick of hot sauce flavor.


The final item is Honey Nut Medley Mix, a combination of sweet and salty assorted nuts. Originally, I wanted the Zesta Fiesta mix but it was sold out, so I opted for this one and was pleasently surprised. It tastes like those sweet honey hot nuts you get from the cart on a NYC street, bunched together in little clusters.


All in all, this had to be my favorite selection of NatureBox snacks! The mix of the nutty, sweet, salty, savory, spicy and chocolate snacks all each work in their own way, and K and I scarfed them down within a few days. I would definitely recommend all of these mixes and can see myself reordering in a few months!

What do you think of NatureBox? Sign up for your own here!


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