Easter Basket Sweets & Treats

Easter Basket Sweets & Treats
With Easter approaching and my mind set on eating healthy and hitting the gym, I am fearful of the amount of chocolate and sugar that could possibly appear in my Easter basket this year. Yes. I’m 23 and I still get an Easter basket… okay, get over it. So, while I still like my daily doses of dark chocolate and gummy bears every now and then, I created this “wishlist” of items I would love to see in my basket instead! I’ll definitely be leaving a copy of this lying around the house… *hint hint*

I may have already checked out the Lush Cosmetics Easter line (see my instagram for the amazing goodies I’ve purchased), but who can ever have enough bath bombs and bubble bars? The giant yellow-orange Brightside Bubble Bar smells so heavenly, like oranges and bergamot all swirled into one bar of happiness, the Bunch of Carrots Bubble Bar a mix of lemon and bergamot, Fluffy Egg Bath Bombs like cotton candy, and The Bunny, a cute little bomb made of vanilla and tiny blue cornflower petals.

For more pampering, I’m loving this OPI Nail Lacquer 2014 Collection in Coney Island Cotton Candy, and Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick. I can’t choose one favorite color, but I’m definitely leaning toward the Coral Blossom and Watermelon shades. When I think fashion when it comes to Easter, I usually imagine pastel dresses, floral headbands and maryjanes, but when the company leaves, this Hippity Hoppity Sweater from Etsy is just perfect for lounging around.

For baking, I am loving these Silicone Molds and these Williams-Sonoma Cookie Cutters, perfect to cut treats into the shapes of bunnies, chicks and eggs! While talking about sweets, I am loving these little Sprinkle-candy Earrings from Etsy as well. And of course, no Easter is complete without that classic Lindt Chocolate Bunny.

Don’t forget the basket! I usually have a wicker-style basket, but this Bunny Basket is too cute for either a child, teen or even young adult! What are you doing for Easter? Hoppy Holidays!





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