Tasterie ~ February


This is my first ever Tasterie Box, a gluten-free snack and food box! I actually won it in a giveaway hosted by Mamabelly’s Lunches with Love and so I thought I might as well review it!


Here’s the first look! Tasterie Boxes run at $25 per box/per month, and come in the options of Gluten-Allergy, Gluten & Dairy Allergy, Nut Allergy and Top 8 Allergy. You will find approximately 5-6 healthy and safe foods from on-the-go snacks to meal helpers.


I really liked the healthy helper tips included, and the recognition of February being heart-healthy awareness month!

Now, onto the good stuff!


The box was PACKED to the brim with items, and I had a good feeling as I browsed through them…


First, we have Mediterranean Snacks Baked Lentil Chips in Sea Salt. I’ve actually tried these chips before, as the company makes hummus-chip packs and they have come in the to-go snack sets. They are a different texture from regular chips, but still delicious!


Next, we have No Nuttin’ Gluten-Free Oatmeal in Apple Cinnamon. I love oatmeal and apple-cinnamon flavor, so these were a win-win. I also love the little container, as it would be perfect to take to work, add water or milk and heat up in the microwave!


Here we have a snack-sized package of Ener-G wheat and gluten-free Garlic Pretzels. I seriously could put garlic on anything I cook/snack on (well, except like fruit and yogurt, let’s be reasonable) such as pizza, veggies, meat and more! Definitely a fan of this unique snack!


Here we have two different snack bars…

The same brand and flavor as the oatmeal, we have a No Nuttin’ Granola Bar in Apple Cinnamon. I couldn’t find too much information on them, but they sound pretty decent for a quick snack or breakfast on-the-go.

Next we have an Enjoy Life S’mores Bar, which is considered a ‘decadent’ bar by the brand, who also makes granola bars and various other products. Definitely delicious! I would love to try their other flavors like Cinnamon Bun or their soft-baked Double Chocolate Chip Cookies!


Individual hot chocolate packets!? Why, yes, I would love some! These St. Claires Hot Cocoa Packets came in two flavors: peppermint and traditional. These are perfect when you want a quick cup either at home or at work.


Also, while we’re talking about St. Claires, they included these Tangerine Tarts, an organic, sour hard candy in a pocket/purse-sized pouch!


What I like about Tasterie is that they not only include “snack” and “on-the-go” items, but also meal helpers! This Slow Cooker Gourmet- Sunday at Grandma’s Pot Roast Stew Mix sounds delicious and easy! All you need to do is put the mix of dried beans, veggies, herbs and spices into a slow cooker and add stew meat, potatoes, tomato sauce and water (and if desired, but optional- wine)! I’ve also never had a beef stew with beans in it before, so this will be interesting to try…


The final foodie item included is this big package of Classic Pancake Mix by The Really Great Food Company. This is a pretty big box of mix, so I know it will last a while, and it claims to make fluffy pancakes! I usually opt for healthier mixes, but I’ll definitely use this once in a while…


Oh hey, a Tasterie Magnet too!


Here are the entire contents of the box! I was really happy with my first ever Tasterie Gluten-Free Box, and even though I don’t have any wheat/gluten allergies, the items were delicious. I liked that it included 10 items (incl. duplicates) by many different brands and had items such as oatmeal for breakfast, chips and snack bars for on-the-go and a beef stew dinner helper! All in all, big thumbs up!

What do you think about Tasterie? Sign up for your own allergy-free box here!



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