Memebox Scent Box #1 Rose


My first official MemeBox has arrived! Before I get into the unboxing, I want to explain a little bit about the company, how it works and what types of products they send. Memebox, which is pronounced as “Mi-mi-box” (not meme) is currently the #1 beauty box provider in Korea. Memebox sends out the best-loved Korean beauty products in collaborations based on their color, scent, brand or beauty need. By this, I mean you can order a box like “Memebox Special #11 Cocoa Cosmetics” which includes products either made from cocoa powder or scented like a delicious chocolate bar, or you can opt for “Memebox Special #12 Vitamin Care” which will include vitamin and nutrient-enriched products, etc.


For my first Memebox, I received one called Memebox Scent Box #1 Rose. The scentbox is an assortment of beauty items that correlates by scent themes to bring you a truly scent-sational experience. It includes full-size products and deluxe samples rose infused products that are sweet and delightful without being overpowering.


Here’s the first look! It was packed pretty tight with light, pink rose-scented products…


I really like that they included an information card with details on the products, especially since the brands are new to me.


The first product in the box is Evas Rosemine Plumpy Tint in Roseberry. This is a full size product (est. value $11) that aims to moisturize dry lipsticks and add a sweet, light pinkish-red tint. It is enriched with fresh French Rose water and ginseng extracts, and can be used on either or both your lips and cheeks. You can see from the picture that this is a pretty pinkish-red color and it smells great!


The next product in the box is a full-size bottle of Evas Rosemine Floral Remedy Foam Cleanser (est. value $22). I totally love the packaging on both this cleanser and the plumpy tint. This cleanser contains micro-bubbles that penetrate into your skin and clear away any stubborn blackheads to create clean, tight pores and smooth skin. Plus, the blend of floral waters with rose petals will help to moisturize dry skin.


Next up is a full-size Happy Bath Rose Essence Body Wash (est. value $11). This body wash is infused with rose oil, and contains vitamin and vitamin C, which is helpful for nourishing and revitalizing the human body. It’s soft, smooth and smells like fresh sweet roses…


The last thing in my box was the Hope Girl Magic Skin Primer. This is a set of 5 sample packets of a rose-scented skin primer, to be used before makeup in order to minimize enlarged pores, fine lines, and uneven skin tones. I hope it compares to brands I already use and love like Benefit Porefessional and Mirabella primer.


Here’s the entire box! Although I wouldn’t think to buy a rose-scented box, and would usually opt for scents like chocolate, berries, coconut, etc, I actually LOVED my Rose Box and all the products included! I enjoyed the variety as well –facial cleansing products, bath/shower products, makeup and cosmetics– rather than just one type of product. I think all in all, the Plumpy Tint won me over because of the packaging, color and scent! I’m actually surprised that this box is selling for as low as $15 and would totally recommend it to someone who likes the smell of roses!

What do you think about Memebox and the Memebox Scent Box #1 Rose? Click here to purchase your own, or learn more about Memebox. Best of all, I have a $5 off promo code for you to use! Simply use EEX2BM for $5 off at checkout!


8 thoughts on “Memebox Scent Box #1 Rose

  1. Loved this box, too! What was your favorite product? For me, I think it’s the body wash, it totally smells like rose garden 🙂

    • They all were great but I’m loving both the Evas Rosemine facial wash and lip/cheek tint most! Definitely looking into other boxes from them.. hoping the cocoa and honey come back in stock!

  2. Rose is one of my favorite scents! Great box review, thanks for sharing 🙂 Could you also do a review on Vain Pursuits? I’ve started hearing a lot about them and would love to hear what you have to say about them!

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