UrthBox ~ Classic ~ June


My Urthbox haaaas arrived! I love this packed-to-the-brim snack and food subscription box. I’ve been getting the (small? medium?) Classic Box lately and it’s filled with a variety of yummy, healthy snacks.


Their packaging is cute and very consistent, always with an information card, some discounts and sometimes coupons or background info on included products.


First up, we have Saffron Road Bombay Spice Crunchy Chickpeas, which are delicious! I’ve only tried plain and sea-salt pre-packaged roasted chickpeas in the past and they weren’t my favorite, so over time, I’ve learned and mastered how to make my own roasted seasoned chickpeas in chili garlic flavor or cinnamon sugar. These are a perfect alternate to the garlic-chili blend for when I don’t have time to make my own or for on the run!  


Home Free Mini Vanilla Cookies have been pretty popular in the word of subscription boxes, so much so, that I’ve had the vanilla, chocolate chip and double chocolate ones already! They’re pretty good for on-the-run and a midday sweet snack.

I was expecting the Peeled Snacks Apple Clusters Berry Crunch to be an oatmeal-based granola bite mix with berry and apple flavors, however they are totally dried apple pieces, rolled together with a berry blend. It’s unusual, but very tasty.


I was a bit confused as first when I started reading the package of Vintage Italia Pasta Chips in Garlic Olive Oil. Is it pasta? Or chips? Or chips made of pasta? Basically they take semolina pasta dough and gently bake it, drizzle with oil and spices and created a batch of crackers/chips out of it! Very cool.

Natural Sins Crispy Apple Thins are going straight to my copycat Panera Fuji Apple Salad! These yummy, healthy 100% fruit apple crisps are good to eat on their own, but I plan on devouring them atop a mixed greens salad with gorgonzola, chicken and a sweet poppyseed dressing.


Mmm, Seaweed Love Original Roasted Seaweed Snacks! Dried seasoned seaweed snacks are already on my favorites list, and I’ve tried this brand out before from Love with Food. Definitely recommend, especially the spicy wasabi style.

I’m picky when it comes to my protein powders and smoothie additives, but am intrigued to test out this Superfood Protein Smoothie in Strawberry.


Sorry, but I’m very over these pouched snacks like Smooch Mango, Pineapple & Banana Fruit Snack. I’m just not a big fan of apple sauce, yogurt squeezes or other “smooshy” foods. I will be passing this on to K or someone else who will enjoy it much more than me.

Missy J’s Truffley Treats in Coconut, Almond & Sea Salt were delicious! I’m usually not big on coconut (like mounds, almond joy, etc) but this batch was tasty. Not sure that they’re “good for you” but I felt good eating them!


All in all, this wasn’t my favorite UrthBox, but I really did enjoy the variety of items, especially the Missy J’s Truffles and Natural Sin Apple Chips! I would like to see some food/meal-style items versus snacks in future boxes to shake things up.

You can visit Urthbox to subscribe or find out more by clicking here!

Or, check out all my previous Urthbox reviews here!



2 thoughts on “UrthBox ~ Classic ~ June

  1. This company has the worst customer service ever.

    I just moved and I changed my address on the website the only place you can change it. I get the tracking info for my August boxes, I’m subscribed to three boxes, and I check to see where my boxes are. Tracking info says they’ve been delivered, they shipped them to the old address though.

    Obviously I’m pretty disappointed so I email them letting them know what happened. They respond saying that I should have emailed them to change my shipping address and that if I want my August boxes I will have to pay $6 more per box for them to be shipped to the correct address, the address that I had already changed on their website which says NOTHING anywhere as far as having to email them to change your shipping location.

    I let them know that I thought it was pretty messed up how they were handling this situation considering it was their error and their website issues that caused it to happen. To which they let me know that they would be adding a note to their website to email them if you need to change your shipping address. Yet are still requiring that I pay them another $18 on top of the already $70+ that I paid for my August boxes.

    Now they’ve stopped responding to me and are censoring me from their Facebook page.

    This is a terrible company with terrible standards, they will not last long.

    • Hi Sam,
      It’s great to hear another subscribers feedback, whether positive or negative so thanks for commenting… I actually cancelled my UrthBox recently as the prices jumped up, and I wasn’t sure if the quantity and quality still stood relative to the price. If I get any updates on them changing their ways, I’ll be sure to post about it.

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