Watermelon Rush

Watermelon Rush

It’s Friday… woohoo!
I know I’ve been a bit slow on my posting for the past few weeks, but to rev it up and get back on board, I wanted to share one of my favorite Summer fashion trends right now: fruit! It’s everywhere, seriously. Printed on t-shirts, dangling from necklaces and embroidered on handbags, pineapples, strawberries, cherries, lemons and my personal favorite, watermelons, are taking over!

No matter your budget or style, one of these fun, innovative printed items is sure to compliment and contrast with your outfit in just the right way. From a fun watermelon printed bucket bag to a high-end vintage-style acrylic box clutch, or choosing between a sleeveless black printed crop top and a funny statement tee, you’re sure to find an item you love too.

Dress up with a bright, colorful sundress, or get fancy with this slim fruit salad printed pencil skirt (also available in dress and top form!) Or, add a little bling to a simple, solid outfit with this pave watermelon charm necklace with silver finish.

Get your hair out of your eyes with a bright turban headband, or slip on one of following pair of shorts along with a simple solid top: dip-dye watermelon shorts, high-waisted candy-colored shorts, or black denim shorts with green and pink bold watermelon print. Clearly, I couldn’t choose just one.

Don’t forget your shoes! When heading to the beach, slip on these watermelon-printed flip-flops with green straps, or rock a pair of vans-style slip on kicks.

What’s your favorite fruit? Will you be bold enough to rock a citrus, melon or berry-printed item this Summer? Link back any related posts as I would love to see them!


6 thoughts on “Watermelon Rush

  1. Watermelon (or any fruit for that matter) always makes a fun and interesting print!

    For the most part, people probably wear this in a casual look, but to make it a little more polished prints like this look great paired with navy tailored pieces. Navy isn’t as severe as black so works well with fun prints really well.

    Great post!


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