What’s on my… August 2nd!

Hi lovelies! I hope you’ve been enjoying my posts for the month of July, and I still have a few left that just arrived this last week of the month! I have a feeling August is also going to be a busy, but productive month!


Now, onto the good stuff

What’s on my Mind?

This one’s going to be long.


(Sorry for the blurry picture, but it was the first one I could find that showed Ozzy!)

First off, Kevin’s dog Ozzy, a chocolate lab unfortunately had to be put down Wednesday night, which is sad enough news. Worse, is that his other dog, Rocky, a chubby little pug has been sitting and crying at the door and window all day waiting for him to come home. That was his best bud for about 10 years, so he’s not taking it well, and it’s just so sad to see.


Next up, I’m really confused about what’s going on with FabFitFun. I was in contact with an employee who was offering Summer boxes to certain bloggers and affiliates, and continued to send out e-mail reminders like that they would be shipping out soon, sneak-peeks etc., not your normal e-blast e-mails.  And I continued to stay in contact, and patiently waited to see if I would be receiving my box. So now, I’m guessing not? It did state that if you didn’t get one this season, you would be getting the next one (Fall), however I have yet to hear back from them or have any e-mails answered. Fingers crossed something positive happens…

I’m also possibly getting boxes from Beauty Box 5 and Splendies, but it wasn’t a definite answer. I think I’ll need to follow up with them and see if I should be expecting August boxes!


What’s on my Subscription List?

If you look at my archives or previous entries, you’ll see that there are certain boxes I get every month, and every once in a while I either decide to sign up for a new subscription, or have a company gracious enough to send me a complimentary or reduced-price box for reviewing! So far, here are the new companies I will be featuring for the next two months:

SkoshBox, Splendies, KlutchClub, Goodies Co., Graze (FINALLY GOT A CODE!), Allure Beauty Box, Beauty Box 5, The INN Box (by Inzuri) & The Pleasure Pantry.

What Else is Happening:

I hope you all won’t be too upset with me that I’ll be posting my last few July boxes this week, but I won’t be getting any new boxes until next week so I need something to hold me over. 🙂

Plus, I’m sure you’ll love to see what’s in these!

I also have a GIVEAWAY for an 8-pack of NibNaks snacks, which have been featured in past Taste Trunk and Juniper boxes! If you enjoyed your dried fruit blends then, why not enter to possibly win some free ones? They’re low calorie, additive free and delicious!


xo, Kenzie

What’s on My… June 17th

It’s time for another round of “What’s on My…” as I wait for some boxes, and began to prepare my posts on others!

What’s on my Mind:

aerosolesShoppingggg…. I can’t stop online shopping. Ugh, obsessed. I just put an order in for these shoes (above- Aerosoles Solitaires) since I’ll be trekking around Europe for 10 days and everyone says “don’t wear flip-flops” and sneakers are so not my thing. I would hate to stick out like a sore thumb with shorts and sketchers.. why don’t we just throw a fanny pack on and a visor and call it a day!?

I also have been ordering a lot more subscription boxes- yay! I recieved Out of the Box Sampler (review up in a day!), Ipsy GlamBag and JewelMint (as posted yesterday). I should be getting ChicShave and JackedPack within a day based on my tracker, and then Glossybox, PlatinumBox (if they ever respond to my e-mails!), Juniper, Sent Her Way and I’m sure a handful others that I just can’t wrap my brain around right now.

What’s in my Inbox:

GlossyBox Letter

So, I’m a little bit nervous… I just received this e-mail from GlossyBox stating that they are not guaranteeing/are replacing the Bondi New York nail polish in this month’s box. Of course, this is the first time I sign up for GlossyBox, and I did it mostly because I saw the Tarte Lipstick, but they finally got me to enter my credit card info and sign up when they released, in addition to the lipstick, the Bondi New York nail polish and fragrance samples, and a free eyeshadow via Promo Code: LOVE

So, what’s on your mind!?

xo, Kenzie

What’s on my…

Although I love to post my reviews and thoughts on products and subscription boxes, sometimes there are other things happening in my life that I’d wish to share with you, my lovely readers  🙂

So here is “What’s on my…”, a section where I will post weekly updates with what’s on my mind, plate, rant list and more! Enjoy!

What’s on my Plate:

photo(2)I constantly go instagram crazy with food pictures, often ones of my own homemade lunch or snacks… almost to the point where my friends are asking to cook for them, or to stop posting because they get too hungry at work. So here was my favorite lunch this week: a honey turkey and muenster cheese bran wrap with mixed greens, tomatoes and coleslaw with a side of macaroni salad and a hardboiled egg. Off to the side, you’ll see fruit salad as well! I ty to eat pretty healthy while also mixing it up and getting the proper balance of food groups.

What’s on my Mind:


How can it manage to be down-pouring in the morning, absolute cats and dogs, and a few hours later is scorching hot and sunny out? My outfits NEVER make sense! I start out in jeans and rain boots, then get weird stares by the time I get out of work by people in cut-off shorts and tank tops. Or vice versa, I try to dress “summery” and then I’m getting pelted by rain drops in my white button down and pastel skirt!

What’s on my Body:


Turquoise! Lots of turquoise jewelry including a vintage family-owned pendant, and a Fossil Brand braided bracelet. I was almost tempted to throw on some blue/turquoise eyeliner but I thought it would be a bit too much for a typical day in the office.

What’s on my Agenda:

photo(4)Getting my nails done! If anyone knows me at all, they know I always have cool, funky colors on my nails… often with an accent nail in leopard, polka dot or something else outrageous. However, last week I broke off half of my nails (acrylic tips of course, and not on purpose, ouch!) and so I took the initiative to just remove the rest, and now I have bare little stubs. 😦 At least it gives me an excuse to get the $15 Mani-Pedi deal that my salon offers… I never usually treat myself to a pedicure due to time and money! Check out my last color combo!

What’s on my Rant List:

Mailman#1 When my friends get their subscription boxes before me! I’m mostly kidding, but I’m extremely jealous that they already got a jump start at opening up, looking at and testing their new awesome products. For example, my friend Megan got her Ipsy bag yesterday (to which we were texting back and forth about all day) and so I was able to see it when I watched PLL and drank wine with her that evening, however the products vary from bag to bag. So I could get the hot pink blush, or the NYX multi-colored bronzer… it all depends on the luck of the draw!

#2 When I subscribe to a company, receive the “Welcome!” e-mail and weekly subscriber e-mails, however when I haven’t received any boxes in 6 weeks, they can’t seem to manage to e-mail me back/answer any messages! I won’t use any names for now, but I will be reviewing the company in the future (if my box ever arrives…) so we will see what happens. 😉

What’s on my Desk:


COOKIES! One of our speakers dropped off this awesome bouquet/gift basket of cookies! Yum…. and goodbye healthy lunch!