What’s on My… June 17th

It’s time for another round of “What’s on My…” as I wait for some boxes, and began to prepare my posts on others!

What’s on my Mind:

aerosolesShoppingggg…. I can’t stop online shopping. Ugh, obsessed. I just put an order in for these shoes (above- Aerosoles Solitaires) since I’ll be trekking around Europe for 10 days and everyone says “don’t wear flip-flops” and sneakers are so not my thing. I would hate to stick out like a sore thumb with shorts and sketchers.. why don’t we just throw a fanny pack on and a visor and call it a day!?

I also have been ordering a lot more subscription boxes- yay! I recieved Out of the Box Sampler (review up in a day!), Ipsy GlamBag and JewelMint (as posted yesterday). I should be getting ChicShave and JackedPack within a day based on my tracker, and then Glossybox, PlatinumBox (if they ever respond to my e-mails!), Juniper, Sent Her Way and I’m sure a handful others that I just can’t wrap my brain around right now.

What’s in my Inbox:

GlossyBox Letter

So, I’m a little bit nervous… I just received this e-mail from GlossyBox stating that they are not guaranteeing/are replacing the Bondi New York nail polish in this month’s box. Of course, this is the first time I sign up for GlossyBox, and I did it mostly because I saw the Tarte Lipstick, but they finally got me to enter my credit card info and sign up when they released, in addition to the lipstick, the Bondi New York nail polish and fragrance samples, and a free eyeshadow via Promo Code: LOVE

So, what’s on your mind!?

xo, Kenzie

Bedaaazzzled! My First Order with JewelMint


And it has arrived: My first JewelMint order! JewelMint is a monthly subscription, a sister company to ShoeMint, StyleMint and IntiMint. Each month you pay a fee of $29.99, however they often have deals for first time buyers like getting your first item for only $8.99! Plus, they create new deals every now and then, like if you purchase any full-price jewelry item over the weekend you can pick one of the following ($29.99 orig. price) for free! See discount codes at the bottom of my post 🙂

Picture 10

So, of course I use the first-time buyer deal of any one normal priced item for $8.99 and trust me, I had a hard time deciding what to get. They even had a gatsby-themed collection which really threw me off because all of the items were so glitzy and glamorous.

jewelbox 2

The package, once taken out of the shipping box was another adorable  black box, all pulled together with an elastic, branded ribbon. It’s definitely a keep-sake box by the way the front opens and closes with a magnetic-style force.

photo 1

And so I finally decided on this gorgeous piece! Named the “Sunshine Sparkle Necklace,” it reflects perfectly in the light and is a great Spring/Summer piece. I don’t even think you can see the true colors and beauty of it from the pictures. It’s a pale yellow necklace, with accents of a lighter green, but in certain light it can look like a cream-color.  I’m already planning outfits around it. 🙂

photo 3

So what do you guys think of JewelMint? Any monthly subscribers out there who stay loyal to it? Here are some codes to help you out:

1ForYou lets you get two pieces for the price of one. Just pick the two regularly-priced items, add to your cart and enter this code.

Piece8 (which I used) lets you get your first item for only $8.99

I’m waiting for my next showroom to be put together and to browse some of the options, but I have a bad feeling I’ll want to buy everything!