Platinum Box July 2013


Hi all! So while I do often post on beauty and fashion, I am really into health and fitness! I believe that eating clean, eating small meals more often and working out (cardio AND weights) a few times a week, helps not only to center you but increase your health and happiness. And so I’ve been ordering from JackedPack for a few months, and then came across the FitBox by PlatinumBox. I had recieved a box from them in May/June, but was not happy at all with the contents, until I learned that it was switching ownership and so it really wasn’t at the level that it should be. So, when Robbie of PlatinumBox responded to my many requests and sent me a July box, I thought I would give them a chance for a real review.


On top of everything was a letter from Robbie and Vinny promising to include more items, more variety, etc and also encourage customers to check out their new website.


Here is the little while box with all of the items that were included. I am really happy at the variety: some pre-workouts, some post-workout recovery formulas, some thermogenics and ‘general health’ samples. Some of them are brands I already know (either have heard of or use) and some are new to me, which is always good.


The blue packet “G Fuel” is a Blue Ice-flavored energy supplement that is comprised of Taurine and L-Tyrosine to give you an immediate increase in Energy, Focus, and Endurance, along with antioxidants and caffeine.

The red packet PTF is a pre-workout that is different from your other standard workout supplements as it is low calorie, no sugar, no crash/jitters and packed with B-Vitamins and antioxidants.

These two samples are made by Gamma Labs. G Fuel is more of an energy drink alternative (that you can use while working out too) while PTF is actually a pre-workout with Creatine and other Amino Acids.


MRI NO2 RipCuts is an orange-flavored¬† ‘cellular fat burn’ product that is supposed to accelerate fat burn, support lean mass development, deliver energy and focus without causing a “crash” and ignite the metabolism. You can use it daily (or just workout days), and it’s supposed to give you an extra boost when working out.

Xtend Intra-Workout Catalyst by Scivation (in Grape Escape) is a BCAA-stocked intra-workout supplement that is meant to build muscle, burn fat, and help with recovery as well. Calories, carb and sugar-free, this is a good go-to if you want to gain muscle and lose weight, however I would definitely try one of the other 8 flavors over the grape!


PowerBar Gel is a vanilla-flavored carb and electrolyte gel that is supposed to give you more energy. Instead of taking a shake or eating a powerbar, you just need this little packet. I’m not a huge fan of ‘gels’ but am willing to give it a chance. I actually just got some similar products in my KonaKase and BuluBox so I can really evaluate the company.

I’ve actually tried a few different Acai products and so I was excited for the Healthy ToGo brand Natural Acai Energy. Acai is a superfruit and so this energy booster drink mix is full of antioxidants.

I use these Emergen-C like they’re water if I’m feeling a cold coming on or just need a perk up. Full of Vitamin C, D and Calcium, they’re supposed to help with balancing out your body and giving you the vitamins you need to stay healthy.


It seems as though this was a good box, full of different samples of energy boosters, pre-workouts and thermogenics. I hope next month changes up the brands and includes a protein powder and/or another type of recovery product. With 7 samples for the price of $14, I think it’s a pretty good box for workout junkies or those who want to try new products.¬† It’s about the same price as JackedPack so I’ll be comparing the two to see which one I should continue to subscribe to!

If you’re interested in FitBox by PlatinumBox, you can check out their website at:

xo, Kenzie

What’s on My… June 17th

It’s time for another round of “What’s on My…” as I wait for some boxes, and began to prepare my posts on others!

What’s on my Mind:

aerosolesShoppingggg…. I can’t stop online shopping. Ugh, obsessed. I just put an order in for these shoes (above- Aerosoles Solitaires) since I’ll be trekking around Europe for 10 days and everyone says “don’t wear flip-flops” and sneakers are so not my thing. I would hate to stick out like a sore thumb with shorts and sketchers.. why don’t we just throw a fanny pack on and a visor and call it a day!?

I also have been ordering a lot more subscription boxes- yay! I recieved Out of the Box Sampler (review up in a day!), Ipsy GlamBag and JewelMint (as posted yesterday). I should be getting ChicShave and JackedPack within a day based on my tracker, and then Glossybox, PlatinumBox (if they ever respond to my e-mails!), Juniper, Sent Her Way and I’m sure a handful others that I just can’t wrap my brain around right now.

What’s in my Inbox:

GlossyBox Letter

So, I’m a little bit nervous… I just received this e-mail from GlossyBox stating that they are not guaranteeing/are replacing the Bondi New York nail polish in this month’s box. Of course, this is the first time I sign up for GlossyBox, and I did it mostly because I saw the Tarte Lipstick, but they finally got me to enter my credit card info and sign up when they released, in addition to the lipstick, the Bondi New York nail polish and fragrance samples, and a free eyeshadow via Promo Code: LOVE

So, what’s on your mind!?

xo, Kenzie