Graze ~ June


Mmm, I love Graze! This cute little 4-pack snack on-the-go box runs between $4-$6 per box and arrives either weekly, bi-monthly or every month. You can always alter it in case you’re going away on vacation or need to cut back on spending.


This month included some information on “Fabulous Fats” like the healthy fats found in nuts, seeds and more.



This month included the following…

Brooklyn Bites: Poppyseed pretzels, cheese cashews and roasted pumpkin seeds

Tropical Daiquiri: Pineapple, green mango and lime-infused raisins

Chocolate Orange Flapjack: Rustic rolled oat flapjack with chocolate and orange flavor

Raspberry Coconut Muffin: Amaretti drops, raspberry-infused cranberries, almond slices and coconut flakes

I was most excited for the Raspberry Coconut Muffin mix + Brooklyn Bites, but enjoyed all four of them! What about you? Sign up for your own Graze Box here and get your 1st and 5th box for free by using promo code MACKEN3RP.


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Graze ~ May


Yum! My Graze snacking box has arrived! This thin brown box contains 4-individual serving portions of snacks like dried fruit, trail mixes, chocolate and more! Best of all, they run between $4-6 per box and you can get them weekly, monthly, it’s all up to you!


Of course they include an information guide with the nutritional details + this month they focused on Vitamin B.



 I love how they have such close-up images of fruit on the lid, and then the individually packaged snacks. Here’s my snacks for the month of May:

Sour Cream & Onion Cashews- Enough said.

Key Lime Pie- a combination of lime infused raisins, sponge cake pieces, mini meringues, and green raisins.

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios – Simply yummy flavored BBQ coated pistachios

Herby Bread Basket- mini basil breadsticks, garlic crostini and oregano rice crackers

What do you think about Graze? Sign up here and use code MACKEN3RP to get your 1st and 5th boxes for free!



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