Bestowed ~ April


My Bestowed Box has arrived! Bestowed is a food subscription box that delivers a variety of items from drinks and snacks to sauce/dip mixes and new food items. All products have been carefully selected by nutritionist and author Heather Bauer and sells for only $19/month (FREE shipping).


Each box comes packed to the brim with items and an information booklet!

Exclusive: You can use code HELLOYUM73 to get your first box for only $10 (expires on 5/15).


Little Duck Organics Tiny Fruits in Strawberry & Mango – While the package is large, these little snacks are light like a puffed cereal. Inside, there is a mix of dehydrated non-GMO mangoes and strawberries with no added sugar or preservatives. I could see myself snacking on it as is, adding to cereal or mixing with yogurt.


Luna Bars in Chocolate Coconut Almond & Lemon Vanilla – I am a big protein bar freak, always on the search to find the best tasting, made with quality ingredients and low amounts of sugar, fat and carbs. These Luna protein are delicious and more protein and nutrient-packed than regular Luna Bars (even though I do love my blueberry ones!)


Nature’s Path Sunrise Cereal in Crunchy Vanilla – I like that this cereal was packed in a to-go style packaging, perfect to take for work. It is gluten-free and low-fat and high in whole grains, and it tastes delicious. It’s a little pricier than I would go out and buy, but would definitely accept more samples!


Good Health Glories Sweet Potato Chips in Sea Salt – These sweet potato chips are a nice change from your typical white potato chip, with a good crunch, however I felt the need to dip them into onion dip and craved more salt and seasoning.


Lucini Italia Premium Select EVOO – I like that these come in little individual-use packets.. it’s perfect for bringing/making salad dressing at work, or if you run out of the regular bottle.


3B Bags Reusable Produce Bag – I was a little confused at first by these washable mesh drawstring bags, but then I realized they’re supposed to replace the plastic bags for produce at the grocery store. Very eco-friendly!


Numi Savory Tea in Tomato & Mint – I actually got these in a preview Goodies Co. Box and was a little weirded out by the thought of tea tasting like tomato, mint, broccoli or carrots. However, I’ve heard that people drink/eat it like broth? I guess I will give it another try… however it’s not my cup of tea (ha, see the pun!)


Torie & Howard Organic Hard Candy – I’ve had these candies multiple times and still have to admit, they’re delicious! Cute little fruity hard candies always come in handy.


Coupons: House Foods Shirataki Noodle & Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit – I like that Bestowed throws coupons into the box either to cover the full-price of an item or make it majorly reduced, just as long as it’s an addition to the items in the box.

I love Shirataki Tofu and Noodles so I will definitely be using this coupon for a free pack! The second coupon is a 50% discount to purchase Back to the Roots Mushroom Kit, which allows you to grow your own organic oyster mushrooms. I’m not sure if I have the time/space to grow them, but am tempted by the steep discount.


Overall, the Bestowed April Box was great! I loved the Luna Protein Bars and Nature’s Path Cereal most of all, but was also intrigued by the other items. The only item I could do without would be the Yumi Savory Teas. Also, I like that Bestowed tried to include new and different brands (not the same old thing you find in every food/wellness box) and I appreciate the eco-conscious grocery bags.

What do you think about Bestowed? Sign up for your own box here! PLUS: You can use code HELLOYUM73 to get your first box for only $10 (normally $19) (expires on 5/15).


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