Graze ~ January 2015


Yeessss, my Graze Box has arrived! I love this little snacking box, and while you can get it sent to you every week, I have mine set up on a monthly rotation. If I was rich, I’d figure out a way to get one per day…


This little brown cardboard box comes filled with four different snacks, each rated by you (online @ so that they don’t send you something you absolutely hate. In my case, I love salty, spicy and fruity, but am not a fan of chewy bars and some of the dippers, so it was nice to see that they followed my guidelines!


Here’s a closeup! You can see above that they included an information and nutritional card, and below shows my variety of snacks.


This box included the following:

Tropical Daiquiri – A mix of dried green mango, lime infused raisins and pineapple bites

Mississippi BBQ Pistachios – Simply enough, this was a package of sweet and tangy bbq-seasoned pistachios. One of my favorites!

El Picante – A salty and slightly spicy mix of paprika baguettes, spicy chili peanuts and jumbo corn. These were devoured within seconds of opening, whoops!

Caramel Apple – This is one of the only dippers I like: soft, dried apple pieces that you dip into a creamy caramel sauce.


I tore into this box pretty quickly as I was at my 3/4PM hungry snack attack time at work. Does anyone else get that too? You get sleepy around 2 or 3, and then starving at 3 or 4 PM!

At only $6 per box (or less if you rack up referral points), Graze is a winner in my book! I loved my January box and can’t wait to see what they send me in February. Knowing me, these will be gone by the end of the day! 😉

Want your own Graze box? Sign up here by using my link or code MACKEN3RP and get your first and fifth boxes for FREE!


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