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Office Chic

Office Chic
After spending the past 3 months applying furiously to jobs, I finally got a few bites! Over the past two weeks, I’ve been successful in hearing back from employers asking to schedule interviews… and then a few job offers! While I’m dying for a career more focused in fashion and art, I found one that seemed to spike my interest: a mix of designing and creativity, along with administrative work and legal papers. Now, for anyone who knows me, I am definitely not the type of girl interested in law documents, economics and business… however, I feel as though I could learn a lot from this job. Lucky for me, the combination of graphic design, pr and marketing, and travel seem worth it to deal with the day-to-day paperwork and assistant duties.

Thus, comes the issue of office fashion. What is appropriate? What’s the difference between “business casual” and “business professional”? How casual can you dress on a “Casual Friday”? Over the past few weeks, I’ve gone crazy trying on an array of pencil and floaty skirts, fitted pants, and dresses long enough to be deemed work-friendly. Let me tell you, it’s not easy or cheap to find outfits to wear; however you can still look fashionable and chic while you’re working that 9-5 in the office!

My favorite (all time) work outfit is similar to the image above: a fitted pencil skirt, and flowy button down top, paired with comfy-yet-stylish heels and a few simple accessories. While black is usually my go-to when I’m interviewing, or just not sure what to wear to an event, the summer allows the chance to branch out and sample new, soft colors. Jade green and mint are some of my favorite spring/summer colors this season, paired with either a tan or white pair of pants, shorts, or even a cute skirt. An outfit like this shows that you not only know how to succeed and look professional, but that you also can portray your creative, fashionable personality in an acceptable way.

While this look can be considered business casual, it can also be dressed up with a blazer to be more appropriate for a conservative or corporate office, or paired with a pair of skinny pants and flats in a relaxed work environment. Disregard those old rules and ideas about wearing drab black or navy pantsuits and be daring: pick a color that stands out; try a funky necklace or earrings; pair patterned shoes with a solid colored dress. Don’t blend in… be confident and get noticed!