Okay, so before you think this is a post all about black and oxblood (well, it partially is, I’m a little obsessed), I have to share my favorite new pattern trend with you- QUILTED FABRIC!

Whether it’s an accessory like riding boots, a satchel handbag or pair of ballet flats, or an article of clothing like a flowy midi skirt, stitched sweater or leather jacket, I am loving the extra bit of effort put in to this trend!

Some are subtle, like the stitching on a puffy winter vest or a pair of rain boots, while others are more noticeable, like adding the quilted design to a pair of sneakers or a stylish evening bag

While I wish I could buy them all, I really have my eye on the quilted leather vest and tassel toteHow about you? Are you loving this trend too, or really feeling something else?

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